about leah.

the name for my blog comes from my husband's nickname for me. at first i fought it tooth and nail, but it has grown on me over the years, and now i embrace it, and have named my blog and shop after it.

i am both a stay-at-home mom, and working woman. i work odd-hours on the weekends as a nurse, and spend my days at home with my two little ones, being a mama.

i also have a little etsy shop, called from lebo with love. i design and create one of a kind dolls, quilts, bow ties, pot-holders, and other handmade items. i also do custom orders, and would love to make something for you.

i keep odd hours, and while it may seem that i never sleep, i do try to get seven to eight hours in somewhere each day/night, even if it may not be consecutive hours.

i am happily married to the best man i ever met. we are best friends, lovers,  and i like to think we are a good match for one another.  

my husband and i were married in the back yard of our home - someday i will write about it more and share photos.  for now you can see some wedding photos here.

we dream of buying a trailer and making our way across the country. we dream of owning a mountain house to vacation in and eventually retire to. we dream of owning a bakery, having a studio to make music, art, a line of children's clothing and all types of handmade goods. we dream a lot together.

i try to cook simple and healthy for myself and my family, but i am a sucker for sweets and sometimes share recipes for the sweet things i make. 

my photos are taken with my iphone 5s, and also my nikon d3100. please do not use my photos (or any of my blog content) without linking and referencing this blog.

i like to shop for clothing and home goods in thrift shops and sometimes on the sale racks of retail shops (mostly online). I am becoming more and more interested in making clothing for myself and my children, and buying more handmade items.

i blog because i like the idea of documenting life. it has been said "the days are long, but the years are short", and it all just seems to go by so quickly. putting into writing the big and little things of our days, and sharing them with you, allows me to relish it all. 

this blog is un-sponsored, meaning that nobody is paying me to write. this also means that sometimes there will be an abundance of blog posts, and sometimes it's just crickets around here. i love blogging, and have been blogging since i was fourteen years old. i do it because i like it, not because i believe that i am necessarily great at it. i write about my life, share stuff i find interesting or enjoy, and i hope you enjoy it.

do you have any questions? something i haven't covered? want to collaborate? want to say hi? send me an e-mail.


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