So, I have been making busy tearing apart our house and putting it all back together in a more orderly-ish fashion. Trying to simplify, organize, and pack stuff to move. Yes, we are getting ready to move. We are planning on listing our home sometime in the next couple weeks, so anything that is not essential, or unsightly has been sorted through, some of it given away, and some of it packed up (although i think eventually some most of what i packed away might become "give-away" when i open up all those boxes).  It feels good to have less stuff sitting around, it's much easier to keep things tidy, and nobody seems to miss any of it. Funny how moving can jump-start your motivation to clean house.

The other day I straightened up Chloe's room - it took me less than two minutes. It made me happy to see it looking good, so I snapped a few photos with my phone, and thought I would share them here. It's not a very big space, and like the rest of our home, has been a work in progress over the years. Starting with just a painted room, a crib, and a small dresser; art-work being hung every so often, bed linens made when needed, a sheet made into a curtain., leftover Halloween decorations reclaimed, etc., a little mish-mosh of stuff acquired. Chloe is happy in the space, and the simplicity of it makes me happy too. 

Sources: balloon wall decals from here, furniture from ikea, skeleton light garland and jack-o-lantern "night-light" from target, quilt and weaving made by me. 

Diaper genie... because we are keeping things real. 

Hope you have a great week!

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