A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.

Gregor: very aware of all that is happening around him, and will stop nursing if he knows I am trying to sneak a photo of him.
Chloe: rummaging through my jewelry box, while sharing some hot chocolate with me, while her brother naps.

Portraits were taken with my iPhone this week as it was handy and caught the moments that I wasn't willing to risk missing by running to grab my real camera. They are not as good of quality as my real camera, but these were special moments that I spent with each of my kids that I want to remember.

Favorites from week five:

This precious moment captured between a mom and her youngest. Her words resonated about slowing down and not rushing even a minute of babyhood, resonated with me.

This set of portraits of sweet children exploring what looks to be a castle. The lighting in these portraits is stunning, and I like how their faces are captured so naturally.

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  1. your little ones grow up like crazy!!!

    1. like, just in a week they look so much older, right? crazy how that happens, huh?


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