first dirty mirror selfie of 2015

First of all - Happy New Year! I hope that your holidays were full of all things warm and pleasant, and that 2015 is treating you well. I rang in the new year at work, and spent the day with the kids while Christian worked. It was a good, slow, day with lots of sunshine, coffee, and Chinese food for dinner; in a word - perfect.

I hate to say that I am jumping on the new-years-resolution-wagon, because I know, I know, everyone always makes these resolutions, only to wind up ditching the gym the second week of January. And if something is so important, that you feel the need to make a resolution, why wait until the new year, why not just start working towards your goal immediately?

I have no good arguments against these valid points, but I will say there is something very motivating about the phrase "new year". Also, I like making lists, and I really love reading other people's lists (I find them so inspiring and funny). And well, these are all goals I have been trying to work on anyway - no, I didn't just pull them out of my butt on January first. So it is just as well for me to put them into writing, as it makes it feel more official, tack them onto my mirror, and hopefully use these resolutions, or goals, to focus my mind, my attitude, and how I spend my time. 

welcoming in the new year.
I have decided that they can be broken down into two lists:  one of "more" and one of "less". Thinking of goals this way makes it simple , easier to remember, and more attainable because there is no end result placed on any of them... just "more" or "less" which will hopefully result in a happier, healthier, and more pleasant version of myself. 



waking up earlier than my kids,
regular exercise,
celebrating family member's achievements (even if celebrating just means grabbing fries and a slushie together),
reading more books to my kids and to myself,
making and buying handmade gifts,
general taking care of myself - you know, remembering to shave under both armpits, eat breakfast, and stuff,
taking time to be kind to others.

putting myself, and others, down... even if only in my mind,
shopping at target (note that I did not say "no shopping at target").

I think that is sufficient for 2015. I don't think I really wrote down any resolutions last year, even though I feel that 2014 was a fairly good year (some days were bleh, some days were kick-ass-bliss). I am ready for a new year, and for some new focus, and for making more good happen each day. I hope many good things happen in your days, this year, as well. 

Did you make any resolutions? How do you come up with yours? Do you physically write them down? If so, do you hang them somewhere that you will see them each day?


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