a few photos taken with my phone over the weekend:

1. I knit a tiny newborn hat as a gift, from some leftover yarn (no, I am not pregnant).
2. The most delicious pecan coffee cake that my Father's sweet wife brought us! It was the best coffee cake I have ever had and we nibbled away at it all weekend.
3. Pop-pop, Grandma Julie, and Gregor.
4. A very organized little artist
5. One of my many cups of coffee from this weekend, and a the beginning of a color-blocked knit scarf. I'm really trying to work on using up my yarn-stash.
6. Sitting in the mini-van, in the rain with the kids up in the front seat, a diet coke for me, a slushie for her, breastmilk for him.

It was a slow weekend. Gregor has been sick and blowing-out diapers (although it seems like he is on the mend this morning - I hope!) Christian has been working, a lot. It has been rainy enough to keep the kids and myself indoors, painting and coloring with the new art supplied that Pop-pop and Grandma Julie brought for Chloe, and knitting warm things. While I love staying home and have plenty of projects around the house to keep me busy, by last night I could tell that Chloe and myself were both experiencing a little cabin fever. There are very few places I want to take a sick baby however, so I decided that the Sonic Drive-thru would have to do. We all sat in the front seats, listening to the oldies station, sharing an order of fries, and pretending the mini-van was a space ship. Never underestimate the magic of a huge diet cherry fountain soda, a toasty mini-van, and good tunes to lift your mood. 

This week I have a little list of things to do around the house and some projects for my little etsy shop that I'm excited to get working on. I'm feeling I need a little sugar detox, a good house cleaning, and to go through all of our closets to get rid of anything that hasn't been worn during the past year. Oh, and I have been reading this book - the second book I have read by Liane Moriaty. It is light, fiction literature, without being too chick-lit-ish. It has been perfect reading during late night diaper changes and feedings. 

Hope you had a great weekend, and that getting back into the grind of things isn't too tough. Take your vitamins friends!!!


  1. Just wanted to say that i found my way to your blog and I'm enjoying poking around and seeing bits of your life.
    I also had a slow first weekend of the year and am ready for a few more slow months before welcoming a new baby. Anyhow, happiest new year.

    1. Happy New Year!!! I remember all too well enjoying those slow months before having my second child... I felt like I was in hibernation. I hope these winter months are kind to you as you prepare for your new baby.


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