alright, so it's time to play catch-up. however, instead of a lengthy post detailing all the boring day to day stuff we have been doing (read: nursing a newborn, doing laundry, and taking walks), I thought I would just share some stories over a few posts to let you in on some of the highlights.

This first one is just about the funny things that Chlo has said and done over the past couple weeks. It has been funny to see her grow up and start to figure out the world around her. She is curious, and her reasoning for the things she says and does can be very entertaining, and sometimes even enlightening.

The other night I was making dinner and she had taken my mesh strainer. She started walking around the dining room table holding it in front of her. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, "I'm going to catch some hard noodles! I am going to catch them and cook them!"

you had better watch out hard noodles!

If I leave the bathroom she will now ask me if I peed. If I tell her I did, she will clap her hands and cheer, or just say "Good job mommy. You did really great."

She has developed a fascination with teeth. With people losing them, and the tooth-fairy, and the whole bit. She loves it. When we brought home Gregor she very quickly assessed his tooth situation and let me know that his teeth already fallen out, and asked if the tooth-fairy would come for him.

She is also fascinated with the sun. At the end of the day it is not unusual for her to say her good-nights to the setting sun, or for her to insist that the sun wants to eat almonds, or for her to talk about how she, with her own hands, "turns the sun around and around"... I have no idea where she gets these things. 

 what it looks like to "turn the sun"

There was an afternoon a few weeks ago when her and I went blue-berry picking together. We brought the blueberries home, and we were sitting at the table eating them. I noticed that they were the same color blue as her eyes. I held one up to the side of her face and told her she had "blueberry eyes". She looked at me and quickly replied "and you have broccoli eyes!"

my dirty-faced, blueberry-eyed love.

sidenote: after I told Christian about the whole blueberry/broccoli eyes thing, he showed me this (skip and start it at about 1:10):

and back to Chlo...
These days her favorite toys to carry around are her collection of stuffed "angry birds". These are her most prized possessions. She plays with them the way other children may play with baby-dolls or action figures. She takes them to the doctors, puts them to bed, does their hair, and feeds them. What do the birds eat? They eat eggs, of course!

And she is still all about bugs. Today we went for a walk to the local produce shop nearby our house. She has been talking about crickets and grasshoppers all summer, but has yet to actually see one. I noticed a small dead grasshopper on the sidewalk and stooped down to show it to chloe. I figured it might be as close as she gets to seeing one this year. She loved it... but didn't grasp that it was dead despite me explaining it to her quite a few times. She is at a very magical age, and doesn't understand "dead" yet. So she talked to her new friend... about it's friends, and it's family... and she talked to the grasshopper for a good while. Dead grasshoppers are real good listeners. I finally told her the grasshopper needed to leave, picked it up, and put it back into the grass. She said goodbye and told me she could hear it talking.

Oh Chlo...

my chlo, on a typical day, dirty and eating an apple.


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