The week my toddler said "facebook" and "crotch"

Chloe said two words in the same day this past week that I would have never imagined would have ever come out of her mouth. I am both embarrassed by them, and entirely responsible for them (as with most words we would rather never hear our children say). I did a double take when i heard these words, and might have squealed, "what did you just say?!". Which is totally not cool. Totally not the response I should have given, because you know - once you make a fuss over something, a kid then knows. They know they have just said something that has warranted a big response. They just set off fireworks. I just couldn't believe my ears though.  I was mortified... and only happy that nobody else was around to hear her say these things.

Okay, so you want to know the two offending words?




Now, for the first word: I have been off of facebook for a while, or atleast my personal facebook (for the most part - i might check my messages once a week or so, but yeah... pretty much over it). However, I still post to my FLWL facebook with blog updates, photos, and links during the week.

Well, the other say she was trying to take my phone from me. I have been trying to keep my phone out of her little hands lately, and limit her interaction with my electronic devices (which is a whole other blog post in and of itself), but as I was pulling my phone close to my body and attempting to turn it off and shove it into a pocket, or crevice of the sofa, she yelled "FACEBOOK MOMMY! FACEBOOK".

WHAT?! What the heck? Who told you about facebook? You are three! No Facebook!

As she whined for the next few minutes over not acquiring the phone, I sat and thought about the whole thing. She hadn't said anything "bad", just something that was not age-appropriate.... three year olds don't use facebook. And it dawned on me, that the only way she knows about facebook is me. My husband doesn't have one, nobody else around her uses it. I didn't even think I talked about it around her, but I must have, because there she was asking for it. It has me all sorts if questioning my use of social media... you know?

Alright, so now for the second word, and the story behind THAT. The biggest embarrassment in this is that I referred to the genital area as a crotch. As a mom, and a nurse, I have tried to be really good about calling body parts by their correct name, and have been really trying to get my husband on board with this as well.  I see no shame in saying "penis" or "vagina", and I prefer my children know and say the real name for their body parts, rather than calling them by some code-name or nick-name. There is a ton of stuff out there written about the importance of children knowing the correct name for their body parts, and it just makes sense to me. As a nurse I have met too many grown women who are still calling their vagina a "coochie", and it really bothers me (this is probably a whole other blog post as well).

But don't you know... I was sitting on the sofa watching Peg + Cat with her and caught her picking at her underwear. I asked her if she needed to use the bathroom. To which she responded "no". Then I said "well then keep your hands away from your crotch." There was silence. I didn't even realize I had said the word, until I heard...

"A crotch?"

"oh, I mean your vagina. Please keep your hands away from your vagina."


"no no no.. it's not. The correct word is vagina, Chloe."

"NO MOMMY. IT'S A CROTCH!" nodding her head with some new-found authority on the matter.


"No Chloe, that is not a nice word to use. I didn't say the right word. I am sorry. The right word is vagina."



like a little sponge, eh?


  1. Thank you for the laugh tonight, lol! :)

    1. glad you had a good laugh sarah! that ight lying in my bed, i had a good laugh about it as well!

  2. this's just the beginning, dear!!! they're like sponges...
    i hope you're pregnancy's ok, when will the baby born?

    1. they really are! i am happy the words she said were not cruder, but it's still so embarrassing to hear "adult slang words" come out of your young child's mouth!

      pregnancy is good, and exhausting, but good! Baby is due at the end of August... Chloe was born right on her due date - so we shall see!


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