As I am preparing to welcome another baby in just a little over two months, I have started nesting. This has consisted of not only getting my house clean and decluttered scrubbing the crap out of the corners and crevices of every bit of our home (remind me if i am ever given the chance to choose cabinets that i never ever want beveled cabinets - ever!), and will not only involve setting up the bassinet and folding teeney tiny clothes. No, not just getting the house together, and throwing away anything remotely dispensable, but also trying to simplify my parenting a bit, and straighten things up as far as "the rules" go. 

When you have one kid, it is easy to be a bit loose as far as these things go. Many days it's just me and Chlo, and so a pop-tart for breakfast, and (watered-down) juice all day, and some fries thrown in the oven, with a side of toast or cereal sans milk, just happen (especially the day after i have worked until three in the morning). On those days, sometimes IPad time happens. Heck, sometimes she will get a hold of my phone and peruse youtube for "surprise eggs", or "play-doh cookie monster soup", while I doze off next to her in my bed, just happy for a few moments of rest after getting three hours of sleep the night before. At seven months pregnant,  it is easy to allow this stuff to happen, even if I don't necessarily think it is great parenting.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I don't take her outside to play every day. I take her for very long walks, and I try to encourage healthy eating as well (we eat apples like they are going out of style!)... but you know, crap happens, and happens very easily when there is just one child. This stuff just seems a bit more forgivable with one child, than i imagine it will be when I have two. I can allow the rules to bend a tiny bit for just one, but once I have two, I feel like what has been going on, just can't... or well, not as much as it has been. I have been a little lax, and instead of welcoming a new baby, who is sure to rock my three-year-old's world, and make all of our lives much fuller, and then enforcing a stricter set of rules, I have decided it is probably best to work on these things before the new baby comes. Also, this way if we have chicken nuggets on occassion it will be a really big deal, or more of a treat. I just feel like treats have become a way of life all too often in our home.

Also, taking a look at how I spend my time, and what I am putting into my body is under some good scrutinization.  Obviously my work and activities have a big effect on how my home runs. As a soon to be breast-feeding mom who will also be parenting a pre-schooler, I am going to need to be a little more careful about how much I work, how I spend my time, how I spend money, and how I care for myself.

All this to say, that this time around I feel like I am spending more time preparing in ways that I never thought I needed to for chloe's arrival. It's not just getting all the baby crap together and packing a hospital bag, but it's about considering how our days are going to change, and what needs to change in order to make it not just livable, but enjoyable and healthy for all of us. I have been finding that it's about making things simpler and more focused on the basic needs of our family members, and less about stuff.

Over the next couple weeks I hope to blog more about how I am doing this. I will share things I am reading, things I have listened to and found helpful, struggles I have had - the practical side of it all, and i would love to hear your feedback. I feel as though "simple" is the new hash-tag for parents among my generation, with everyone striving for it and buying into it.... and it looks so good - even beautiful. But it's not easy, and it is full of struggles (imagine what an a--hole hippie I am going to look like when I go shopping with my toddler and new baby strapped to my chest, and refuse to buy orange juice or strawberry milk for my kid, because of the sugar content!).

Still, I feel it is a worthwhile venture for my family, and perhaps a worthwhile blog discussion.

Momma's of two, three, four (or more), how did nesting look for you the second, third, fourth time around? Do you have a take on the whole "simple life" culture that is being portrayed by so many? Am I completely delusional to think I can simplify and prepare us for life with two children?


  1. I've found this time around (expecting #2) that I'm not as prepared as the first time. I'm not sure if it's because I'm busier or I'm more laid back having done this once. We are expecting another girl so I know we will use what we already have... although this baby still doesn't have a place to sleep.

    i hadn't given much thought to what will change in regards to our daily routine once the new baby is here... but now i'm getting worried!!


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