so last week, i blogged a little about "nesting", and how this time around is has been different from what it was when i was pregnant the first time, with chloe. i contribute this to a few things: i now have a few years of experience of being mom, and i know what seems to work and what doesn't (for us). 

after i had chloe i expected to be able to wear the clothes i wore pre-pregnancy, and early in my pregnancy, home from the hospital. i must have been delusional. i was not only unprepared to face the changes that my body had undergone, but also the changes that i would undergo in the following few months and years when it came to my own personal style. high shoes and uncomfortable clothes  that i used to suffer in for the sake of fashion, didn't get touched, and when they did, they were quickly removed and replaced by more practical and comfortable options. eventually i wound up either selling or giving away many items, repeatedly editing and re-editing my wardrobe... and each time feeling that i was getting closer to being more comfortable with what my wardrobe had become - a collection of items that felt like a well curated home to me.

okay, so it's not my whole wardrobe, but what you would see if you looked in my wardrobe. lots of grey, black, denim, and neutrals.

i realized i didn't need a bunch of statement items and shoes, but that all i need to get me through most days is a good pair of jeans, a few presentable shirts and some tees, and perhaps a very easy and flattering dress or two. decent underthings (that work under anything i wear), and shoes are also a must - but i don't need a whole lot of them, just enough in good quality. my jewelry is pretty much always the same - a few rings that i love, a sterling cuff, and maybe a pair of earrings, or a necklace. being able to get dressed quickly, without a lot of fuss or thought, became a priority - but along with feeling effortless, i wanted to feel like myself when i got dressed. to this day i am continually editing my wardrobe, but i find that i buy much less, and often look for items that i can move around in, wear often, dress up (or down), and that are well made. my purchases are carefully considered, and i often find myself asking myself if i can make something similar. when it comes to making a big purchase, i like to feel that i am really treating myself, making an investment (especially in a quality hand-made item, like one of these, that i am oogling), and will wear it often for many years.

the same wardrobe guidelines go for my children - a pair of sturdy sneakers, some sandals, a pair of boots, and perhaps a pair of ballet slippers are all chloe needs as far as shoes go. her entire wardrobe fits into one drawer. most of it is made up of easy play-skirts i made myself, a couple pairs of jeans, and very basic tees and tanks in neutral colors. all of her things are good quality, but she probably has just enough to make it through a little more than a week. which is perfect, because i do laundry at least once a week, maybe twice. i love that she can pull clothes out of her drawers and be pretty-well matched. also, she loves wearing her play-skirts, and they have been super-easy for potty training.

chloe's outfit on a typical day consists of a play-skirt, a top, and some shoes of her choosing.

when it comes to dressing a new baby i am trying to keep it really simple too. i plan on needing to buy some basics. some fresh onesies, a few soft sleepers, and a hat or two. i had put away many of chloe's things from when she was a baby, only saving the best onesies and sleepers, but darnit if i didn't unpack them all to discover them worn out in ways that i just don't remember. i also do not remember owning so much pink (chloe's gender was a surprise, and i thought we had owned mostly green and yellow clothes) so i pulled out the most special items to wash and mend, and donated the rest.

a sweater i knit for chloe when she was a newborn, and a sweater and hat for the new baby
i plan on making a few things for the baby, chloe, and myself. for the babe: some muslin swaddlers, a couple knit sweaters for the fall, and a few hats. chloe will also get some sweaters, and both of them will get some handmade slippers. it sounds like a bit of work, but it is actually pretty simple for me to manage making warm little things, and i find it satisfying to see my kids in stuff i made them. 

all this to say, that simplifying our wardrobes has really helped save time and money for us in the long run. i don't have a ton of money to spend on clothes, so i make some, and try to buy things that i know will last and be worn a ton, rather than buy a bunch of stuff that doesn't wash well and wears poorly... not that i mind a good worn-in tee or jeans (they are my favorites), but stuff that is cut badly and looses shape quickly is so disappointing, and is not the kind of worn-in that i am going for.

so, yeah, it took me a while to get to this point where i own way less clothing than i ever have, and feel more comfortable with it than i ever thought i would, but it has made my life much easier, and my wardrobe much more enjoyable to wear and build.
if you are looking for more information for how to simplify your wardrobe, i recommend this blog post, this one too, and that you google "the five piece french wardrobe" (and take what you want from it)... and then taking whatever principles you see fit, and applying them to kid's wardrobes. now, it's a little trickier as kid's grow like crazy, and need stuff more often, but i found once i started paring my wardrobe down, that chloe's followed suit.

if you would have shown me how little i needed before i had chloe, i wouldn't have believed it, but having less clothes has been key to keeping me sane when it comes to getting dressed.


  1. First of all, my daughter is always always always in a play skirt too haha. I have been trying to simplify what I own since I had Lyla. I used to have more money and space and an awesome body so times were different. Definitely going to check out these links you posted. I've done a pretty good job donating probably 20 trash bags of clothes, at least, but I still don't wear over half of the things I own. The more I get rid of material things and simplify my home the more relaxed my brain feels. It's like that Fight Club quote, something about how the things you own end up owning you.


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