16,17,18,19/52 (playing catch-up)

"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."

week 16 / playing with bubbles on the porch
week 17 / "there. all better."

week 18 / "i'm stirring a cake!"

week 19 / a well deserved treat

if you follow me on instagram, or facebook, you have probably seen these already and they are old news - sorry folks. i am going to try to challenge myself to take the remainder of the portraits this year with my "real camera" (all of these are from my phone). aaaaand, maybe i'll try to post them weekly again as well.  

i might already have tomorrow's weekly portrait in the works... at least i THINK i do. or did i forget?... pregnancy brain... umm... stay tuned!


  1. we've lived the hello kitty band aid obsession too!


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