so i have reached twenty weeks. it has not been as easy this time around as it was with chloe. i have been sicker and more tired than i ever can remember being. by the end of each day it feels like i have run a marathon. the morning sickness has passed though, and it feels good to eat well and nourish this new baby. during this pregnancy i have been craving protein in the form of nuts, chicken, eggs, and hamburgers - much different from my cravings for funfetti cake when i was pregnant with chloe.

but yes, i have been tired, and this dark, cold, winter hasn't been easy on me (or on anyone else i know of either!). however, i think we can finally safely say we are done with winter, and i am already taking every opportunity to enjoy springtime. i try to take walks with chloe every day, sometimes i make it to the gym to do some easy cardio, i have started to purge our house as my nesting instinct settles in (it feels like i have a car-full of stuff to haul to the thrifts every week), and i am trying to just really enjoy each task that i accomplish and not get too discouraged when i get out of breath or tired. which happens quite a bit, especially i am trying to keep up with chlo, or do something that used to be simple, like walking up a few flights of steps.

i know i have a long summer ahead of me, but i have a feeling this fall is going to be one of my favorite ones yet. i am excited to be half-way there, and while i am trying to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy i wanted so so badly, every hour of carrying this little babe inside me, and working to keep us both healthy and strong,  i really cannot wait to hold this one in my arms.

yay for twenty weeks!


  1. That dress looks amazing on you! Hope spring is bringing you more energy


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