it has been a long, but good week. we had some really beautiful weather, and plenty of rain. i was able to get a lot of things done around the house, and worked on some orders for my little etsy shop. chlo and i took many walks around the neighborhood and got in some good playground time. the husband has been home sick, and i have been fighting a cold. it has meant a good deal of resting, and lots of hot tea. we are hoping to be better soon so we can get more stuff done outside the house, and maybe even squeeze in a date-night - it has been waaaay too long.

a few things i recommend checking out this week:

my husband recently texted me the link to this you tube video, featuring a slow loris. if the slow loris isn't your thing, check out this kitten.

which pop-culture television series or movie has had the most essays, papers, or books written about it? the answer surprised me!

i have been sewing again at night, which means i have been binge-watching documentaries and listening to audio-books. i recently watched this documentary and found it to be an extremely touching, insightful, and honest look at what marriage and love can look like. plus i love documentaries featuring passionate artists. i highly recommend it. 

also, this movie!

although the weather is warming up, i have found that some of the chilly afternoons and evenings still warrant good comfort food. i recently made this brocolli, cheddar, and wild rice casserole - and need to say it was the best version of the dish that i have ever tasted (i think it would be perfect for an Easter supper).

i recently switched from using my husband's anti-antiperspirant to this all natural deodorant. it smells so amazing.

contemplating buying these palo santo sticks to burn around our house as i do my spring-cleaning.

(i know. all natural deodorant, and palo santo sticks... i am reaching hippie status.)

speaking of spring cleaning - i really enjoyed this post by steph at this brown wren. such a clever momma, and she makes that toy corner look so pretty.

oh, and if you are in philadelphia this weekend, check out the opening of "Brace for Impact" at the philadelphia sculpture gym. i am hoping to check it out sometime this month, when i am not sick, and i have someone to watch chlo.

enjoy the weekend friends!


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