"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."

yet another photo of my girl in her undies around the house. because of potty training, because she always seems to feel more comfortable with less, because she can still get away with it - for just a little longer. 

i have noticed that she is taking time after lunch-time to engage herself in a quiet activity. whether it be playing with puzzles, or reading a stack of books, she is finding ways to relax and enjoy some quiet time. i have been enjoying this time as well.

favorites from this past week:

the curious look on otto's face as he watches his papa shave, and the pile of fabric to make an expected baby quilt from thread & ladle // bella feeding chickens, and seren who will be walking before his mama knows it from little brown dog // the lighting and the sweet sleeping face of alaska is pure sweetness from little daisy chains.

joining in with sweet jodi.


  1. Love this photo. To relax and enjoy quiet time, such an incredible skill to learn. I'm still working on that.


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