pregnancy is both a weird and wonderful thing. when i was pregnant with chloe i can remember gravitating toward a few products and items that just made me feel great (really red lip-stick, a really great empire waist dress i scored at h&m, and this body scrub). these things made me feel instantly put together when i needed to relax, wanted to feel pretty, or needed something appropriate to wear outside of the house. 

this time around pregnancy has been a bit different. really different. in fact, this pregnancy is nothing like my first one. my style has changed a bit - i lean towards simple, easy, and inexpensive (with an occasional splurge here and there). i now have less "me time" as i am already a mom, which means i cannot sleep whenever i want during the day, and many times i need to take a shower with a toddler sitting on the other side of the shower curtain.

i don't have time to exfoliate my entire body. i am not going to be buying any 4 inch clog heals this time around. there are not going to be a ton of cute pregnancy clothes (although i am going to splurge on a few good basics, which i will tell you about later). this time around it is a different ball-game.

but, i have come across a few life-savers this time around. so i thought i would share one of these things here and there with you. some of them are small and cheap, a few might be a splurge, a couple of them are even free. (also, this blog has been feeling a bit neglected lately, so it's a way for me to share some, hopefully, useful bits of goodness with you).


chicken poop lip junk.
yeah, this stuff. seriously. i know the name might be off-putting to some, and will make others giggle like a middle-school girl. but the stuff works! and not just as a chap-stick, but as a hard-core face moisturizer for red, irritated, chapped skin. my sister-in-law had given me this a while back, and it had been hiding in the bottom of my purse until recently i grabbed it and used it as a chap-stick. then i read the ingredients and saw it was full of stuff like avocado oil and beeswax and decided to try it on my irritated pregnant-lady face. i have been very pleasantly surprised as just how well it works.

when i was pregnant with chlo i don't remember having such irritable skin, but this time around i have noticed a lot of dryness and irritation. i have been trying really hard to drink plenty of water, have tried a few different soaps, and have stopped using my faux-clarisonic-scrubber. however, this stuff has made the most noticeable difference in my complexion.

it is also an all-natural product without any questionable ingredients in it, which makes me happy as i have been trying to use more all-natural products when possible.

and.... this stuff cost about two dollars (you can get it on amazon, i think my sister-in-law bought it from whole foods, and you can also check out the simone chickenbone website to get a list of retailers). so you really cannot beat it, especially for a great, all natural, multi-tasking item.

what is your favorite moisturizer? if you are, or have been pregnant - did you notice a change in your skin, and what worked for you?

*by the way - this is not a sponsored post, and i don't use affiliate links. in other words: i make no money from this blog! i just write about this stuff and tell you where you can find it because i think good stuff should be shared.


  1. i've dry skin and i use wendie's baby cream, it works even for dad!!! (it's from klorane)

  2. OK. that chicken poop lip junk made me giggle big time but hey, the main thing is it works, right? After pregnancy, I've definitely noticed more pigmentation on my face, especially around my eyes. And the skin seems drier. :(


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