i took this photo with my phone back in the middle of december. if you have been reading my little blog for a bit, you may have heard about my baby-making-woes... well, it looks as though the lords of progesterone have shone their smiling faces on my womb, and blessed us with one that is deciding to stick-it-out.

as of today i am twelve week pregnant, and while that doesn't mean i am in the clear i have yet to have any problems - all is looking good!  now, mind you, i don't classify a ridiculous amount of nausea and horrible food aversions as "problems". in my mind all those things come with the whole pregnancy gig. in fact, as miserable as the constant nausea makes me, it is a bit reassuring, and if i wasn't sick all the time i would probably be more worried than not. still, i have been a heck of a lot sicker than i was when i was pregnant with chloe.

i am waiting on my bump to show, and won't have an ultrasound photo until later this week, so for now this is the only photo to show you as evidence of my pregnancy. we are super-excited around here as we prepare for a new little human set to arrive in late august of this year... except for chlo, who doesn't quite believe/is in total denial of a baby living in my stomach.

yay for babies folks!


  1. congratulations, leah and family :) so glad for you...


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