"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
this is how we will finish 2013. with a portrait of chloe, on the counter again, as we made holiday cookies. this bit of the kitchen has become her perch. her place. this is where her and i connect - where we quite literally see eye-to-eye. this is where i sit her to help her zip her coat, and where i comb her hair before we leave the house. this is where we bake, make messes, and eat toast together. this was the year of the kitchen counter, and of so many other good memories in our home.

i have taken a bit of a break from this blog over the holidays, and it has been good. it feels good to not pick up my computer for full days at a time. i like to disconnect sometimes. and in the cold, dark, winter months - it is easy to. it has been good to reflect, to think about this new year, and to set some new goals for myself, and gain a bit of focus over the past couple weeks. but alas, i am back, and ready to share little bits of our days, some of the fun we have, pictures, books, crafts, recipes, and so on. i am thinking of taking a much simpler approach to my little blog this year... probably less marathon posts, and more frequent smaller bits. while i love to sit down and write my ever-loving mind out, more abbreviated, more edited, and more focused posts are what you are going to see around here.... at least most of the time.

yes, i will be doing the 52 project again. i loved doing it this year, and will soon have a new post up.

happy 2014 friends! i hope yours is off to a lovely start!


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