i have lamented here before about january being a rough month for me. quickly february is approaching, and sorry friends, but if there is anything i can't stand more than january, it is february...

but this is not a post in which i will rag on how frigid cold it has been, or what a ridiculous amount of snow we have received - that my child refuses to play in, or how it becomes dark shortly after lunch-time. 

no, this is a post of a different nature. because who wants to hear read me complain? rather than whine about january, which i sure if you are reasonable you have already been doing your fair share of, i am going to list the good and lovely things that have been getting me through this month. hopefully you can celebrate these things with me, or maybe take a few ideas from this list. and if you can think of anything to add - you are welcome to.

without further adieu...

lebo's list of stuff that january does right:

1 / indoor florals. somehow grocery store flowers just seem a thousand times more delightful than they would during those warm green months. i appreciate them so much more during these cold and grey days.

2 / two words: crock. pot. throw a roast in, chop up an onion, a couple potatoes, and as many carrots as you can fit. a package of french onion soup sprinkled on top, a few bay leaves, a bunch of water. then let it cook up all day, and eat it all weekend long. we love to pick at this throughout the day, like a perpetual cozy meal. 

3 / forts, tents, play-house, whatever you want to call them, they make everything better when you are cooped up. so grab some sheets, your dining room chairs, and a few clothes pins and assemble a cozy spot for your whole family. take the cushions off the sofa and pile up every blanket you can find. then leave it up for the rest of the winter. 

4 / girl scout cookies. enough said. heck with healthy new years resolutions!

5 / or, bake some cookies. for me the rewards of baking are two-fold: i get to enjoy whatever i have just baked, and i get to warm up the house by cranking up the oven. this week our sweet neighbors snow-blowed our driveway and walkway. they actually do this every snow-storm, and will never accept anything in return, other than baked goods. it was all the excuse i needed to be thrown into a baking frenzy. bread! carrot cake! cookies! and chlo loved helping me. 

so, do you have any other simple ways to stay warm and cheery during the winter? leave them in the comments - february is fast approaching and i am going to need them!



comment, remark, inquire, even disagree, but let's all try to be nice, eh?

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