okay, so...

so, i have been a mess.

i have been having issues. 

computer issues, where my battery died because i never plug my laptop in while i am using it, and it inevitably leads to my battery saying, "uhhhh..... no......"

mom-ing issues, where my toddler won't keep her diaper on in her crib and just treats it as a cage, going to the bathroom in one corner and sleeping in another.  and where she only eats rice and apples all day. unless i give her  snacks, in which case you can add a lolly-pop, a spoonful of peanut butter, or a bag of fruit snacks.

oh yeah, tonight we had this talk and i told her i will no longer lie for her. we need to go to the pediatrician tomorrow, and i know they are going to ask if she drinks from a bottle. i have been lying for her for the past year, and will not do it again. fyi, she has only been drinking milk from a bottle at bedtimes. all the rest of the time she drinks from a cup. 

tonight i put her to bed without giving her a bottle - i offered her a cup of milk, but she threw that with the most horrible look of disgust i have ever seen. you are glad you were not here for that.

she went out as a girl covered in bugs for halloween. she adores bugs, but i didn't think she would want to be one... so i covered a dress in five hundred plastic ones. there is something supremely therapeutic about hot gluing five hundred bugs to a toddler's dress.

so computer issues, mom issues... and then wardrobe issues, where i think i know what is happening with what i am wearing, and then i catch myself in the mirror mid-day and am like "what the hell!?!?! why did you go out like that??? what are you wearing??? where did you even get that!?!" and i run up the stairs and throw on pajamas and tell myself that i am not allowed back out.

and it's worse than usual. because those of you who know me personally, know... you know that i am like pseudo-hannah from girls when it comes to putting on clothing that should work, but just doesn't quite "do it". none of my outfits have been "doing it"... and i really need to stop looking at rompers. i should not own, or consider, or even borrow, a romper. 

and i am having infertility issues, which are the last issues i thought i would ever have. but dude, i haven't been able to get pregnant, and i want to, and i have been trying to.... 

so.... i bought this cream that should maybe help me become more "balanced" hormonally. if it is really the miracle cream that everyone says it is, i should loose ten pounds, get pregnant, my skin should clear up and become softer, i should have less cloudy thinking, and i shouldn't be itchy or moody....  but so far the only effect that i can see after one week is that i feel like i am in a bit of a better mood. this past monday i even had the urge to face-time a family member. so yeah, i guess i am in a much better mood. 

and then i have been having crazy skin issues.  how it works is this: i go to work with a clear complexion, and return home with huge cystic zits that linger until the following week, and clear. right before i go back to work again.

maybe this is actually a work issue... it seems to only happen when i go to work. 

so today i bought myself some burt's bees tea-tree blemish stuff, and it seems like it is already working. it is sharp, and tingly and feels like it is working. but, let me tell you - wash your hands after using that crap! even if you don't think you touched it, even if you don't think you need to. you don't want to rub that crap in your eyes!

okay, so....

computer issues, mom issues, wardrobe issues, skin issues, uterus issues....issues. we all have issues. even you... 

and your mom too. 

okay, so enough of this post. i guess this means i am back to posting. yaaaaaaay.....

and now, here are some photos:

oh yeah... and i have been cutting my own hairs.. more than i should...

but i have a pretty cute kid... even if she is angry.

it's good to be posting again. hope you are having a good week friend.

over and out...


  1. the baby will arrive...
    i love your outfit!!! did you made those pants?

    1. thanks! i am hoping for another baby... or two... or three...

      i made the pants and the shirt - the shirt for me, and the pajama/comfy pants for my husband (but i have been stealing them lately.. soo comfy).


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