lebo loves...

this week i have been loving:

- chilly mornings full of hot beverages... i am drinking more tea now and finding it is very soothing.

- shepherd's pie. i made a mean shepherd's pie this week and ate the left overs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until they were gone. 

- the short film "lost and found" adapted from oliver jeffers book (we love his books around here). it is just so so sweet, and heart-warming. the narrators voice is so calming... i want to kiss that voice on the nose. chloe asks for it at least three times a day (it is less than a half-hour long), and it doesn't annoy me one bit. 

- my new (to me) boots that i scored on ebay. they go with everything. they are brown, not to high, but just high enough, and a tiny bit classier than my flat hiking-esque doc martens (although, i am still going to be wearing those too). i took them for a long-ish stroll today with chloe and they didn't rub or pinch even once. what's not to love about perfect fitting second hand boots, right?

- bundling up and going for long walks with chlo, playing outside in leaves, taking long drives... doing anything that takes a long time and involves escaping from the house for a bit... having an adventure, no matter how small it might be.

- our local bakery, and their chocolate drop cookies... amazing. i am on a hunt for a really good black and white cookie in philadelphia... any suggestions?

- sauteed mushrooms! with brussel sprouts, by themselves, on toast... i like that they taste meaty, without being meaty... i like that they kind of taste like dirt.... they are my new thing.

- re-watching "girls" after chloe is asleep... the whole show makes me laugh, and worry, and then laugh even harder. and my favorite characters are adam, shoshana, and jessa - in that order. why they are my favorites is probably a whole blog post in and of itself. do you watch it? have a favorite character?

what are your favorite things lately?


  1. do you know (r)evolution tea? it's an american brand, i love their white tea+pear.


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