PORTRAIT v.42 (plus a few)

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

this week i decided to take a mini road-trip with chloe. fall is my favorite season, and well, sometimes our neighborhood walks can become a bit mundane. but plhiladelphia is surrounded by state parks, many less than an hour drive away. so i packed us some peanut-butter sandwiches and we headed out. due to government shut-downs the state parks were not "open"... or rather the visitor centers and parking lots were not open. luck would have it that there are a few churches located on the park, which had no problem allowing us to park for a few hours. we didn't walk very far, but chloe did enjoy exploring the small part of the park that we did cover. 

she gathered acorns, rolled in leaves, spent the majority of the time poking around the daughter's of the revolution monument. the fields were very overgrown, the grass too tall to walk through. she found some cotton seed pods along the edge of a field that were full of and covered with stink bugs. she looked at the pods and exclaimed "wook mama! dose bugs, dey eat dat food!" sometimes i am surprised by how quickly and intuitively she is learning about the world around her.

i think we will be making more little road trips like this in the future.

and since caught a few more pictures of this day that i like too much not to share...

yeah, we'll be going back.

for sure.

how could we not?

joining in with the lovely jodi this week.


  1. Aww! Sweet. Only ten more weeks to go! I was wondering who lebo is in your title but your about section won't load for some reason.

    1. thank you! it is crazy the speed that the end of this year is approaching! i feel like this project is making it go quicker! i recently changed my blog name, so i needed to update the links - thank you for reminding me to (by the way, i am lebo).

  2. lovely captures! these days are so precious and fleeting. xo

  3. These are just so gorgeous. Beautiful light and a sweet babe of a girl. Lovely lovely. Holly.x


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