"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

one of my favorite moments from this past week. chloe and i were sitting in my bed, playing with the jewelry box and it's contents, and i was asking her questions. i asked her where her daddy was,

"at work", she replied.

"where does your daddy work?", i asked.

".....", she looked at me for a second and then resumed running her fingers through a tiny pile of mismatched earrings.

"chloe, your daddy works on a fire-truck", i told her, knowing that fire-trucks are, at this point in her life, one of her most favorite things.

her eyes lit up, and she made some sweet siren noises, and i was letting her sweetness fill up my heart until i thought it may burst. i was smiling so big that i thought i may never frown again, and i feared i might melt into a huge puddle if i didn't share that moment right then. i pulled my phone out to call my husband, and as i did she starred out into space, and she said, "wow."

joining in with jodi this week.


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    1. thank you gina! it's one of those that just left me so full. thanks for your sweet words!

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    1. thank you victoria! funny how these things happen when you least expect them :) thank you for visiting.


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