she hates being woken from a good nap. but when she fights her nap until four in the afternoon, i am forced to wake her before six so that she will still be able to get to bed at a reasonable hour. i slowly open her door and peek at her cherub-like frame. i say her name softly a few times and stroke hair from near her eyes as she stirs. she fusses and blinks... she rolls away and rubs her eyes with her clenched fists. i tell her softly it is time to get up... she tries to doze off again, but she is unable to.. the spell has be broken, and she almost seems angry that i have awakened her. slowly she pulls herself up to sitting, and then looks at me and stretches her arms out to signal that she is ready to be picked up. i have learned to be patient and not force her to wake abruptly. instead, i wait at her bedside and watch her. i talk to her softly and when she is ready, i pick her up. sometimes she will snuggle and sometimes she already has a task that she has thought of, that she must attend to.. since she is awake you know.

today i carried her down to the kitchen where the oven was heating up for dinner. acorn squash for me, french fries for her. i sat her on the counter and observed her face. she still seemed upset about me waking her up. i knew what would resolve it: bread. a piece of bread, perhaps with a little butter, if she is in the mood , usually pacifies her moodiness and restores her spirits. i cut her a slice of bread i had baked this weekend... and she just looked at it. so i reached into the pantry and pulled out my jar of peanut-butter. my jar of peanut-butter has maple syrup mixed into it. i took a knife from the drawer and spread a bit on the bread, and once again offered it to her. she instead reached into the drawer, above which her feet dangled from the edge of the counter, and she pulled out a spoon. she dunked the spoon into the peanut-butter, then took her index finger and scooped a bit off the top edge of the spoon, and brought it to her mouth. "mmm-MMM-mmmm."

she reached the spoon towards my face. i smiled and partook. she again exclaimed, "mmm-MMM-mmm".

my grumpus was once again happy. she sat on the counter and pointed out the screen door. she talked to me about bugs, the dog next door, the stars and the moon. she didn't stop for a second, or mind a bit when i grabbed my camera to snap a few photos of her. 

i want to remember her like this always. the bead-headed, grumpy baby who can be cheered up with peanut-butter. the little girl in a t-shirt and training pants who loves to discuss bugs and dogs. my little one who is always looking for the moon.

have a lovely week friends.


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