thank you to the man tending the thrift store on the way to the playground - he saw chlo having a bit of a fit, and ran across the street to give her a little bear. it was the perfect distraction.
thank you to the sweetest mama i met at the playground who shared conversation and snacks with us. your company was just what i needed that day.

thank you friends who will listen to me via text late at night and send me kind and encouraging words.

thank you to the lady who picked up everything chloe threw during her tantrum as i was putting her back in her stroller. thank you for telling her to be nice to me. sometimes i feel like everyone is looking at me as though i am doing something wrong. your warm demeanor and sweet words were reassuring.

thank you to the grandmother at the park who brought chloe a lolli after her fall. i only had an apple in my bag, and i doubt it would have soothed her as well as that sweet lolli.

thank you to the ticket man on the train who wouldn't take my money for our short train trip. i really wanted to pay, but you obviously thought it was very silly to take four dollars for one stop, and wouldn't take it.

thank you to the girl at starbucks who gave me a complimentary latte on my drive home tonight, simply because there was no baked goods left. again, i really wanted to pay, but you wouldn't hear of it.

thank you to everyone who commented on my post this week with encouraging words. to everyone who let me know you were thinking of me. sometimes i feel a bit silly, after the fact, when writing about my own struggles which seem rather trivial when compared to those of others.  thank you to those of you who don't even know me personally, but who send me your love. i read each of your comments and held onto your words.

when reflecting on all this kindness, i am overwhelmed. i wish i could bake the universe a batch of cookies. i am humbled by the kindness and generosity that has been shown to me and my family by so many good people. thank you. thank you. thank you!


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