once again, i am doing a serious closet purge. i am partially blaming this post (brilliant). i have quite a few great quality items that just aren't right for me. so i have listed them in hopes to clean out my closet and simplify a bit. this is a chance to purchase some nice items at bargain prices. if you don't live in the U.S. and see something you like, don't fret - just e-mail me and we can work out shipping.

i still have a bunch of things to list. i will try to remember to update on here when i add more stuff. here are a few fun things that i have listed right now:

a pair of level99 skinny jeans in a flattering dark-wash. from anthro. as comfortable as pajamas, but make your butt look fab. size 25.

classic ralph lauren plaid wool skirt, size 2.

a pair of brown leather j.crew tenley boots in good condition. side 6.5.

so, if you are looking to score something fun and gently worn at a good price, you can check out my closet shop here.

because what doesn't fit me might make you look fabulous!


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