ROUTINE: mornings and makeup

this is us in the mornings. at least this is chloe and i on most mornings. we start our mornings brushing teeth, hair, wiping faces, and me usually putting on a little make-up. some mornings there is some "doing" of hair for me, and her hair almost always gets pulled back, although since i snipped her a fringe i have been able to let it go without doing as it doesn't get in her eyes and face as easily. i agonized over cutting those bangs, remembering just how painful it was to grow my own out in the past couple years, and then finally sat her down with a lolly-pop and went for it. i should have done it a long time ago - she no longer is bothered by hair in her face, and it cuts down on how many times i need to wrestle her down to get her ready, even if it is only by a tiny bit... eh, every bit counts, right?

on the morning i snapped these photos i wasn't really planning on blogging about this... but then i was there, and she was there, and it crossed my mind that i have always wanted to talk about morning routines, but never have, and that i have been meaning to blog, but just haven't, and i thought, what they hey? so please excuse the dirty mirror, the topless toddler (she is topless more than not when we are at home during the summer), and my tub, which is not dirty but looks like it is because of some weird non-slip tread texture. i could clean that tub a hundred times and it would still look groddy thanks to that horrible non-slip tread. the tub came with the house, and it's just not worth changing, i guess, just because i want a slippery and sparkly tub.

on this particular morning i woke up with my hair looking just like that. i cut myself some long bangs a couple weeks ago and have needed to style them in some way, every day - but not that day. i woke up and the waves were there, the bangs looked okay, and i just kind of smiled, then shrugged, and decided, yeah... this is just fine. chloe came in and requested to "brush the teeth?". so i got her toothbrush and toothpaste (her toothpaste is strawberry flavored). she sucked on the toothbrush and then made a few over-exaggerated arm movements up and down, and side to side. i praised her for her good oral hygiene, in typical over-exaggerated mom fashion. then i wiped her face. she sat in the empty tub and played with tub toys while i did my make-up.

i wear much less make-up than i used to, but i still put on a bit each day. my little make-up routine has been streamlined since i had a babe, and now i can throw on my face within less than five minutes. i start by wiping my face, usually with the same wash rag i just used to wipe chlo's. then i throw on some moisturizer. i recently started making my own moisturizer after reading this blog post, and i have found it works wonders for my skin, and is so very wallet friendly. most of my beauty routine has become budget friendly as of late. i am hitting my student loans really hard as christian and i hope to get pregnant again soon, so that i can stay home a bit more. it seems everyone is happier and things go much smoother around here when i am here more... and if that means homemade moisturizer, diy haircuts, and box dye... well, i can live with that.

after i clean and moisturize, and then address any concerns that chloe may have with her bath toys (because who am i kidding, i can't go less than five minutes without a distraction), i then use a bit of foundation to cover up any spots and under-eye darkness. i like to do this rather than use concealer as i have found it is a bit lighter and seems to stay put better without looking cake-y. i curl my eyelashes, put a thin layer of powder on my forehead, chin, and sides of face and nose... then i use a high-lighter at my brow-bones, bridge of nose, inner part of eyes, and cheek-bones. i use a cream blush on my cheeks as well. then i fill in my eyebrows, and curse my thirteen year old self for butchering them way back in the day... i line my top eye-lid a tiny bit with black eye-liner, and then apply two coats of mascara... throw a bit of vaseline on my lips, and maybe blot any shiny areas of my face, that i don't want to be shiny, with some powder... and done.

my goal with all this isn't to look really done up, but just more awake. i like that it doesn't take a whole lot of time but lets me feel "put together"... sometimes there is lipstick involved later in the day. i usually keep it in my purse rather than my makeup drawer as to not take up any more time. truth be told, there are more important things to spend time on... like playing with babies, tidying the house, and working to pay off student debt... 

list of products below folks!
from the top: 

1. nars sheer matte foundation i bought this almost three years ago for my wedding day and it has lasted me forever. in fact most high end cosmetics that i own have lasted me a somewhat disgustingly long time.

2. eyelash curler that i have had for many years

5. nars the multiple in orgasm... the fact that i always giggle at the name, proves i haven't matured much past middle-school in some respects.

6. benefit high beam luminizer i received this as a bonus gift from sephora and it has become a favorite.

8. maybelline volum' express the falsies - my favorite drugstore mascara

what are your favorite products? leave them in the comments - i have a weird fascination with beauty products... have you ever written a morning routine post? leave that in the comments too - i would love to read about it!

*this post (like this blog) is not sponsored. any products mentioned are just noted because i use them and like them. i am not getting paid for any of this, just to let you know.


  1. Where do you get the replacement pads for your eyelash curler? I have an old metal maybelline one like that but can't seem to find the little foam pads that fit any longer. I have another curler but that is my favorite so it just sits in my makeup drawer at home.


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