it has been a little quiet around here over the past month or so...

not for any one specific reason. just many small ones. i often go through my days thinking that i should jot down what just happened, or pondering how i might translate my thoughts into words to share with whoever may take time to read my little blog. there are photos i take and mean to edit and share. there are things we do that i feel might be fun to show others. 

but sometimes there is silence. i read quite a few blogs, and whenever they have a silent bout i can't help but wonder... what is happening? are they alright? are they sick? are they mourning? are they busy, maybe overwhelmed? did they just need a little break? or did their computer break? where are they vacationing? did they find new love? what new things have they discovered? what are they reading? when will they be back?

many come back with something new to share, whether it be new found insight, a funny story, photographs from an adventure, or a special announcement.

i am not sure where my silence falls in. i have things to write about, stuff to share, but i am enjoying a little silence and finding some refuge and hope in this time of quietness. i assure you there is nothing bad happening, nor is there anything all too exciting happening. as i may have said before, i deactivated my personal facebook account a bit ago (the one for my blog is still there). it is amazing how one disconnect can lead to another, and another, until i hardly spend any time on my computer during the day. and i am surprised that i really don't miss facebook, or the time spent on my computer (although i do miss some of the interactions with close friends, family members, and acquaintances).

i am still on instagram, although i often don't share photographs in real life time... most are "latergrams" that i have to share at some later time... usually during nap-time or after chloe is in bed. i am horrible at using my phone as much more than a camera. my friends and family will attest to this - you would do better to reach me by carrier pigeon than by text or phone calls. in fact, tonight my phone somehow wound up in the tub while i was giving chloe a bath... so more silence as my phone sits in a bowl of rice drying out... (other than all the photos i have stored on it, i don't think i would mind it's loss entirely).

and then there is this blog... this blog is a place where i am able to write and share what is happening during our days, a place to show what i have found, a place to interact with what i have read, seen, or head, and to connect with the sweet folks who read here.  the place where i document my joys, fears, sadness, musings, wonders, triumphs, failures, and where i like to think i leave a bit of a love letter to my family and friends... (you know, letting them know i am still alive when i haven't returned their calls or texts! only joking! sort of...)

i find myself now being picky over what to share, only wanting to give the best here, only wanting to show you the most honest and clear representation of my days, only really wanting to make something of quality... i have become more focused on this lately, and i will admit that it has caused some roadblocks in my writing.

but, despite all this, i think sometimes silence is just really good... that there is hope, thought, and sincerity that dwells in it, waiting to be released when it is eventually broken. i think that very good things come from silence. 

and i am hoping to be bringing about many good things. 

stay tuned. xx


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