"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

it was bound to happen. she was running. i was chasing. we were at the busy playground, on a very busy saturday morning. the park was terribly congested. she darted between the girls on the swings. i saw it happen before it ever did. there was no way the swinging girl could have seen her. instead of continuing to run straight through, and past the swinging girls she turned around and was thrown quickly to the ground.
i held her close and wiped the dirt from her face, a grandmother who had seen the incident brought her a lolli. we saw that the train was boarding and we took a one stop train ride home.
favorites from this past week:
these two siblings in black and white.
this little one, wearing the sweetest jumper, and throwing rocks into the ocean.
joining in with jodi.


  1. Moments like that flip your stomach don't they! Glad she's ok, nothing a little love, kindness and lollies cant fix ;-) Belinda x

  2. I love that portrait a week idea! Such a beautiful way to capture those sweet stages of life.


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