Making: a dress and some pants for chloe from my fabric and scrap stash.
Cooking: steel cut oatmeal every morning these days.
Drinking: water and coffee all. day. long.
Reading: well, i am listening to "Wild" by cheryl strayed.... because i can't sit still to read a book without doing ten other things.
Wanting: to be able to fit so much more into each day
Looking: forward to seeing Sigur Ros tomorrow night.
Playing: with cars, with my jewelry, with silver half-dollars, all on our bed, with chloe.
Wasting: many tea bags as i make tea, become distracted, and let it go cold. 
Sewing: clothes for chlo, quilts, quilts, quilts, and a few special orders for my little shop.
Wishing: for more hours in the day and that i could relax more easily.
Enjoying: crisp fall mornings with the windows cracked open
Waiting: for christian to finish the last lawn-mowing of the summer.
Liking: my new little moccasins.
Wondering: what chloe is thinking about... almost all the time.
Loving: my little family being home every night together as we are on vacation.
Hoping: for another baby someday... soon.
Marveling: at how chloe managed to pick the prettiest bouquet from my little flower bed.
Needing: perhaps a good fall sweater and some wool socks, but that's about it.
Smelling: geranium scented cleaner... which i used to scrub the kitchen with tonight.
Wearing: my favorite grey sweatpants
Following: Joy's adventures with her family as they travel in their trailer, via instagram.
Noticing: that as i feel stressed, or out of control, i start cleaning like a crazy woman.
Knowing: that everything will be okay.
Thinking: about how to pack and shop for our little weekend get-away.
Feeling: that i am always forgetting something (and i usually am!.
Bookmarking: this french home decor blog... so lovely!
Opening: jars of pepper jelly and peanut butter for toast, and jars of sweet gherkins as snacks.
Giggling: at how many sweets my husband buys when he is on vacation... 
Feeling: blessed to have what i do.... all of it.

what about you?


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