AROUND HERE : a glorious little iphone dump

 so, last week i was iphone-less for a few days. the phone had fallen in the tub while i was giving chloe a bath and i thought for sure i had fried it. i quickly did some research, and read that rice should help draw the water out of the phone. so i threw the phone in a bag of rice and hoped for the best during the next few days. i really did not want to pay for another phone.. the thought of spending that money on something i had so easily ruined made me sick to my stomach. alas, after much (enjoyable phoneless) waiting, my little phone has turned back on. i am still not answering my texts or calls, but i am taking photos and instagraming it up. 

now, i do have a real camera, a decent one in-fact. but i have been saving up for a nice wide angle lens so i can get better indoor and portrait shots. one of these days i will bite the bullet and purchase one. in the mean time, i have been very impressed with the camera on the iphone4s, and i love using vsco cam to edit my photos. i like to stick to the same filter with all my photos to keep some consistency. soft, creamy shadows, and deep dusky tones are what appeal to my eye. do you follow me on instagram? do you have one?  do you have anyone that you follow that you would recommend following? i would love to know.

without further adieu, here is my iphone dump.

her "slimies" - a few of her favorite toys... we just realized we actually had two fushia ones the other day (we just thought she was carrying that one around everywhere).

everything is a hat.

breakfast has been looking like this : oatmeal, honey, cinnamon, and almonds.
and dinner has been looking like this : butternut squash risotto from trader joe's with thyme and a honey-crisp apple added.

quite a few messes.

throwing rocks into water

chloe spinning with her papa

what mornings look like from the kitchen.
lying on naked mattresses while the bed-linens are being washed.

my list, her book.

hope your week is off to a great start friends!


  1. life without phone is so much easier... but i'm happy you could recover your telephone! it was a good and cheap trick...
    nice photos of your last week!

    1. thanks! life without a phone is so nice! i kind of wish i could go back to being cell-phone-less... but we don't even have a landline in our home, so i kind of still need it.... oh well. i am just glad i didn't need to spend money on replacing it!


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