after dreaming, reading, researching, and a good deal of sketching, i decided to put aside some projects that i had been dabbling with, and make a quilt to list in my shop. i made my first quilt last year, and a very simple hand-stitched summer quilt earlier this summer, but had wanted to make a crib sized quilt in a more challenging design. at the same time i have been trying to expand my little shop to include more items for little ones. 

last year i found myself obsessed with a flying geese quilt that anthropologie was selling. i really liked the idea of making a baby or child quilt using a muted palette and edge-y-ish design. something that wouldn't look too baby-ish, but still fun.  something that could be put in a crib, used for tummy time, hung on a wall, and used as a lap quilt... something that could be loved and cherished,and then passed on and loved more.

i found myself excited about this quilt, working long into the night and during chloe's naptime. i love when i get so excited about something i am working on that i loose track of the hours. when i finished the first, i got started on a second. now i am already sketching for a third. i plan to ride this wave of motivation as far as i can. i hope to have both quilts finished, better photographed, and in my little esty shop by next week.  

did you have a favorite quilt or blanket when you were little? was is passed on to you by someone else? or have you passed the blanket or quilt you loved onto someone else to love?


comment, remark, inquire, even disagree, but let's all try to be nice, eh?

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