watering the flowers and splashing in the the puddles left over from the water.

admiring our little flower garden.

running on the treadmill in the garage while chloe napped.

snuggling in bed after not-napping.

taking selfies of ourselves in our comfiest of comfy clothes... for some reason i swear they show a more accurate representation than just looking at a mirror reflection.

playing a bit of hide and go seek.

not pictured:

eating lucky charms for breakfast, and lunch.

many living room dance sessions which included two tambourines and a hell of a lot of laughing.

finishing up a quilt while catching myself up on the first half of the last season of breaking bad. i swore i wouldn't watch it since i got so wrapped up in the first four seasons,  and felt closure at the end of the fourth... but the critics reviews and all the hype took hold of me!

many cups of tea, and some morning coffee.

perusing cake and cookie baking books together.

not baking any cakes, and finally purchasing a swimsuit - we are planning our first beach trip with chlo!

hope you and yours had a lovely sunday.


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