if i haven't told you already, let me tell you now - i really like the period store. for those of you who don't know about it, it is a monthly subscription that sends you feminine supplies, art, delicious treats, tea, and packets of medicine to make having your period a little less stressful and much more fun. i mean, who doesn't like getting a cute box of sweet things in the mail every month at just the right time?

on their blog this month (the periodical), they are having a giveaway - a giveaway in which you need to submit a short story to the (.) project about getting a first period (it can be a fictional or non-fictional story). i like giveaways, but i like writing more, especially short little stories. so i wrote about how i got my very first period. i spent some time perusing other stories on the blog, some funny, and some serious. i laughed while writing my own, because it is the type of thing i can look back on and laugh at... but what surprises me is the stigma that is still attached to a very normal and natural thing that takes place in the process of becoming a woman.

i get that people don't want to go around discussing periods at the dinner table, but it makes me sad that girls still aren't educated about changes that take place in their body and even feel shame about these very normal and natural occurrences that take place. i guess as a nurse, a woman, and a mom, i just feel that the more people (including children) know about their bodies, the better they can take care of themselves. chloe will probably know about getting a period by the time she enters grade school... so i am already practicing my most sincere apologies to the parents of her future friends, who she tells about "getting the period".

below is my story, and if you want to check out more i suggest taking a look at the (.) project, and maybe even submitting a story of your own. oh yeah, and if you take a look at the periodical and follow the directions you can be entered to win a pretty rad tote (the winner will be picked on September 2).

how i got my period by leah.

I was eight or nine years old, raised in a fire-and-brimstone evangelical church, and home schooled. So when I awoke to find a brown discharge in my underwear, the only logical assumption was that God was punishing me for my sins. I quickly repented of whatever transgressions I could bring to mind. I cleaned my underwear and shoved it to the bottom of the hamper, then put on clean ones. I hoped that would be the end of it.

My mother had never told me about periods and was in denial of me getting breasts. I did not own a bra, had no idea what was happening to my body, and I was scared to tell anyone, lest they confirm what I already knew, and pass judgment on me also.

The next time I went to the bathroom I saw the brown discharge was still going strong. I repeated my prayer, cleaned the underwear, and put on new ones. This continued all day until I was convinced that I was dying, and might as well tell my mother. My stomach hurt, and I was sure this brown stuff must be my insides rotting. I called my mom to the bathroom and informed her that something was wrong. She asked to look at the underwear, which I showed her. The look on her face was one of shock. I was sure that she was puzzled and had no idea what to make of this. That she would need to take me to the hospital.

She looked at me, reached into the closet and pulled out a pad. She instructed me to put it in my underwear, and to change it every few hours. She told me this would happen every month. She told me I was okay. That was all.

how did you get your period? i want to hear.


  1. That hamper is such a good idea!
    When I first got my period, I remember running into my mums bedroom screaming because I thought I was dying... How embarassing.


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