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have i ever mentioned how we live pretty close to some amazing parks? well, we do. quite a few in fact. this past weekend i took chloe out to explore one of them. we threw on our sneakers, grabbed a ball, and hopped in the car. within a few minutes we were running through big grassy fields and exploring the  tree-lined trails. chlo was thrilled to run on the trails, talk to bugs and geese, and throw pebbles in the creek. we are going to need to explore more of these lovely parks... and maybe even try to convince her papa to take us camping before this summer is over.

anyone have any tips for camping with a toddler?


  1. beautiful pictures!!!
    oh, we come from our first camping experience!!! and don't worry, she will love it (though we didn't...).

  2. thanks! did you do tents or a cabin? a trailer? i am thinking we are going to do a cabin as my husband is new to camping, and we are unsure how chlo will do in a sleeping bag. i hope you post about your experience! do you think you might try again?


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