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this past week has been quiet around this little blog. i apologize - i did not mean to take an unannounced break, but it was nice, and perhaps even needed. i found myself at work most of the week, and when i was at home i was happy to soak up every minute with my two loves instead of looking at a computer screen. i also recently decided to disable my personal facebook (the one for this little blog is still active), and with doing so feel perhaps less of a need to check in on my computer throughout the day. this doesn't mean i haven't thought of blogging, that i haven't scribbled down thoughts and ideas to share, that i haven't hoarded some photos on my phone to compile into a insta-dump when the right moment hits... it feels nice to be sitting in bed, typing this right now.

but there is so much to write about and share... and i haven't really had a good amount of time, or sleep, to properly collect and organize my thoughts. i fear this little post might just be some tid-bits about life lately, just to get these ideas out there, and maybe ellaborate on them in the future...


christian and i have been spending time thinking about, talking about, and looking at what works best with parenting chloe. sometimes this has meant reading books and articles, sometimes this has meant listening to (or not listening to) advice given, and often this has meant just observing her and figuring out what makes her tick. in doing this we have discovered a few little things that make our family life run smoother, lessen the tantrums, and seem to be constructive for all of us. i'll share more this week.

i have been quilting, knitting, sketching, and working on some updates for my little shop... as well as thinking about new ways of marketing and getting my stuff out there... maybe participating in a fair in the future. wouldn't that be fun?

i am excited for fall, but enjoying these last little bits of summer. after working a full-time schedule this week i am happy to be off for the next week... i am thinking about peach picking, a beach trip, and many long walks with chlo. 

and as a side note: thank you to anyone who follows me on instagram who has left an encouraging word, or even double-clicked on my photos that show me or my family in some of our less than perfect moments (i had a moment while at work this weekend, and may have posted a less than flattering selfie, captioned with some perhaps *slightly* dramatic words). having a place to share the not-so-great stuff is just as important as sharing the lovely moments, and i love having a little outlet to share and interact with others. it is a really sweet little community. thank-you again friends.

after chlo has gone to bed, the husband and i have watched a couple good movies this past week: stoker (a british-american thriller, both visually stunning and more than adequately gorey), and side effects (an excellent psychological thriller staring rooney mara and jude law) are two i would recommend if you are feeling in the mood for some serious dramas.

and well, rooney mara in side effects has me thinking about snipping myself some bangs... after all, it is almost fall, right? and there is something about fall that always makes me think of snipping a bit of a fringe...

oh! and i gave chlo some bangs last week! it seemed she was always pushing her hair out of her face, and although it was adorable to watch her pudgy dimpley hand push the stray locks away from her eyes, i think bangs suit her quite well. i am a little excited to watch them grow as well.. i cut them a tiny bit short, and while she can totally pull off short bangs, i want to see what she looks like with brow-skimming ones.

religion and spirituality has been on my heart and mind lately. how i was brought up, my own spirituality, and what i would like to impart to my family and my daughter has been very present with me day to day recently.  i hope to write more about this and share it soon with you.

i ditched my traditional 12 cup coffee maker for a small ceramic coffee dripper, and i couldn't be happier. as i am the only regular coffee drinker in the house this little guy makes more sense, and better coffee, with less waste. don't worry though, if you come by with a crowd i can dig the big boy back out in a hot minute.

my belly has been craving some pho! there is an excellent place nearby - a little hole-in-the-wall with picnic tables that serves nothing but pho. but i fear it is not entirely toddler friendly (big steamy bowls of hot broth + rambunctious toddler = a mama that cannot relax and enjoy her lunch). so i am going to be collecting ingredients and attempting to make a batch this week. anyone have any suggestions or recipes for a first time pho maker?

yes, i am feeling pretty good about this week already. let's make it a good one friends.


comment, remark, inquire, even disagree, but let's all try to be nice, eh?

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