it seems that every change of season i find myself going through my closets, looking at items i haven't worn in ages, debating whether to hoard them or let them go, and wanting to simplify.... and possibly make room for a few newly acquired items (hello sweaters!)

let my purging work to your advantage and head over to the from lebo with love etsy shop to check out some vintage goodies i have either worn once or twice, or never even touched (they are listed under the vintage section). all items are washed and ready to be shipped to you. i will be adding more items as the week continues, but here are a couple photos of what is currently up for grabs:

a pretty perfect mumu.

this sweet little number that i wore once for family photos.

of course if you have any questions about anything you see - shoot me an e-mail. 

xo - leah aka lebo


if i haven't told you already, let me tell you now - i really like the period store. for those of you who don't know about it, it is a monthly subscription that sends you feminine supplies, art, delicious treats, tea, and packets of medicine to make having your period a little less stressful and much more fun. i mean, who doesn't like getting a cute box of sweet things in the mail every month at just the right time?

on their blog this month (the periodical), they are having a giveaway - a giveaway in which you need to submit a short story to the (.) project about getting a first period (it can be a fictional or non-fictional story). i like giveaways, but i like writing more, especially short little stories. so i wrote about how i got my very first period. i spent some time perusing other stories on the blog, some funny, and some serious. i laughed while writing my own, because it is the type of thing i can look back on and laugh at... but what surprises me is the stigma that is still attached to a very normal and natural thing that takes place in the process of becoming a woman.

i get that people don't want to go around discussing periods at the dinner table, but it makes me sad that girls still aren't educated about changes that take place in their body and even feel shame about these very normal and natural occurrences that take place. i guess as a nurse, a woman, and a mom, i just feel that the more people (including children) know about their bodies, the better they can take care of themselves. chloe will probably know about getting a period by the time she enters grade school... so i am already practicing my most sincere apologies to the parents of her future friends, who she tells about "getting the period".

below is my story, and if you want to check out more i suggest taking a look at the (.) project, and maybe even submitting a story of your own. oh yeah, and if you take a look at the periodical and follow the directions you can be entered to win a pretty rad tote (the winner will be picked on September 2).

how i got my period by leah.

I was eight or nine years old, raised in a fire-and-brimstone evangelical church, and home schooled. So when I awoke to find a brown discharge in my underwear, the only logical assumption was that God was punishing me for my sins. I quickly repented of whatever transgressions I could bring to mind. I cleaned my underwear and shoved it to the bottom of the hamper, then put on clean ones. I hoped that would be the end of it.

My mother had never told me about periods and was in denial of me getting breasts. I did not own a bra, had no idea what was happening to my body, and I was scared to tell anyone, lest they confirm what I already knew, and pass judgment on me also.

The next time I went to the bathroom I saw the brown discharge was still going strong. I repeated my prayer, cleaned the underwear, and put on new ones. This continued all day until I was convinced that I was dying, and might as well tell my mother. My stomach hurt, and I was sure this brown stuff must be my insides rotting. I called my mom to the bathroom and informed her that something was wrong. She asked to look at the underwear, which I showed her. The look on her face was one of shock. I was sure that she was puzzled and had no idea what to make of this. That she would need to take me to the hospital.

She looked at me, reached into the closet and pulled out a pad. She instructed me to put it in my underwear, and to change it every few hours. She told me this would happen every month. She told me I was okay. That was all.

how did you get your period? i want to hear.


below is a bit i have written about spirituality. i want my readers to know i do not have any church affiliation, and am just writing to share my thoughts on spirituality. i am not writting this to preach to you. and the plant photo.... well, i don't have any fitting photos for this post... 

i had heard it said long before i had a child, or even thought about raising one... that i would start to consider religion and spirituality more than i had ever before. that my love for my child would bring about a desire to give her the best i knew how to, and that "the best" would include some form of spirituality or religion. at times in my life i wondered how i would ever consider religion more than i did then (my bible college days), times when i scoffed at the idea of raising a child in the church (during my post-bible college days where i realized what a rough place church can be). church though, is not religion, nor is it spirituality... however i am thinking more and more it does serve as an instrument for both.

but this post is not about church really, it is about faith.

i cannot remember a time in my life when i did not have it. there was never a lightning bolt or a dramatic climactic moment where i came to believe. i grew up in a home with born-again christian parents who took me to church at least twice a week and read me bible stories - these things were not my faith, but they were again, instruments. while i don't know if i ever realized it then, i had been sealed and nothing would break me away from the ongoing "relationship" i would have with the Lord. oh, i hate to use the word "relationship", i think it is such a bizarre word to describe it, and really has been used in such an odd way by the modern church. what it feels like is more like sharing a breath, being so close to something you have never seen, cannot feel, and cannot fully understand, but you know it is there, even on the darkest days. there have been times i am sure it would abandon me, times i wish it would, times i have held on tightly, or weakly, and it doesn't leave. without getting all theological and arguing about pre-destination or calvinisn, i have come to believe that my faith is truly not present due to my own doing, but a result of the Lord taking hold of me. if it had been up to be, this faith would have been lost long ago. throughout my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood i haven't seen it leave me.

now, i hardly ever pray, at least the type of prayer that you might think of... the kneeling, the daily discipline of confessing, the asking, the praising... it has been many years since i have done any of that. my bible collects dust on the shelf... partially because it bears on the front of it my old name, from my previous marriage, and i feel in a way as though i am bringing myself  back to so many dark days when i take it out. i stopped going to church a long time ago... i found a beautiful church body to worship with after my divorce, but never really allowed myself to really join in with them in a way that would give us any long-term gig. i guess you could say we were casual. sometimes i do still sing hymns.

but, none of these things are absolutely necessary for faith. they are instrumental, but without faith, they are not going to do anything. 

now, then, what is faith? there are many definitions, i guess that faith means different things to different people. for me, it means that i have been taken hold of and won't be let go. that this little kernel, that damn mustard seed that church people love to talk about so much, that it is there, and won't go away. belief that the spirit of the Lord communicates with me throughout my days, is there despite my actions or thoughts, and will not abandon me... that is my faith. 

does this sound really odd? well, it isn't to me, and i am not trying to be preachy to you. this is just what has been on my mind lately, especially as i am thinking more and more about what i will introduce chloe to as she gets older. i have sort-of introduced her to prayer in a very basic sense. at bedtimes i will often take time to thank the Lord for people and experiences we had through the day. i  can remember my grandmother doing this with me, and feel it is good to verbalize how grateful we are for the people we love. 

i also think and have talked to christian about church... eventually. him and i had some interesting church experiences growing up, and are somewhat wary to introduce chloe to such experiences. it is hard to censor what you do and don't want your child to be told in a church, what attitudes or ideals they will be exposed to... and despite it being a place of worship, there are some hurtful things that unfortunately take place within churches... things that i do not want to condone or confuse my child with. it is hard to teach a young child that a good place and good people can sometimes hurt other people. the whole idea of good and bad and what makes a thing one or the other is long debated, and can be confusing for a child. hell, it boggles some adults.

what i want for chloe is simple and easy... or well, it sounds easy. i want her to love the Lord and love other people. this is the small kernel that i have held onto when i don't know what to do or why i still consider myself a "believer"... that i strive to do these things is enough. this is the core of many religions in fact. love for God, and love for fellow man. throughout my crazy bible college days where i studied my butt off to cram as much about religion and theology into my head, eventually becoming confused and exhausted, this was the one thing i realized that i needed. i could go through life not learning another dang thing, so long as i knew and strove for this. it is what i try to do now... i don't always do it good. sometimes i make it look really shitty. but it is still what i believe is important, and really the only thing really required of me as a "believer". however, this simple and easy thing, of loving the Lord and loving others, is also one of the hardest things to teach.. it is not tangible, and young children do not understand abstract things.

so i just do my best to do this, and hope she will do it too. hope that the same kernel that i posses, or rather that the spirit that has taken hold of me, will also take hold of her. that she will know a faith that won't leave her, even in life's darkest times, and will love the Lord and love other people. 

imagine if every person strove for the same, despite their religion, or who they believe God to be... 


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"
this past week i discovered that i have been mothering a mer-maid all along. as soon as we reached the shore she ran towards the waves and if we had not held her hand the entire time she would have dove out at any given minute and been swept away. she loved it.

favorites from this past week:

this brother and this brother: photographed in different places and times, but both in their element enjoying the outdoors. this little one: already playing with some make-up (do you remember doing this when you were younger? i do!)

joining in with sweet jodi.


the other day my mother and i took chloe to a local orchard to pick some fruit... or should i say, that chloe and i took my mother... or that chloe took my mother and i. this little girl of mine seems as though she was born to live on run a farm. from the moment she hopped onto the hay-ride which trucks it's gaggle of mamas, papas, and little ones out to the orchards, you could see the happiness on her face. she laughed and threw hay at my my mother, her "nanie", and once we got our to the peach field she caught onto picking very quickly. she picked peaches and helped us by taking the ones we had picked and putting them into our basket. when i would periodically prune through our basket to make room for larger and riper peaches (tossing a bruised or bug eaten one into the trees) she would get very upset and run to go pick it up. she didn't understand - she wanted to keep them all. 

we walked back to the road with our basket overflowing with peaches... a peach dropping here and there, my mother or myself taking care to distract chloe so she wouldn't notice the missing piece. we waited for the tractor and hay-filled trailer to come around to retrieve us, and then decided to continue walking up the road. chloe's boots puttered away on the dirt and gravel road until we reached the next field where a few others waited. chloe ran down the path through the peach trees while we waited, me and my mom taking turns to retrieve her every few minutes, just in case the tractor would come around the bend. we waited a long time. waiting is the hardest part for chloe. most of her melt-downs take place while waiting. 

in the line at the grocery store. when she is dressed and ready to go and i am tying my shoes and retrieving our bags. when we are at the carnival and we are in line to get on a ride. she has made up her mind, prepared, and is ready to go - so let's go. if you ever ask her if she is "ready?", her reply in fact will be "set... go!"

that day i let her play in the dirt while we waited. i let her throw pebbles into the road. i let her wear her boots on the wrong feet when she insisted on doing so. i let her wander a little bit more than i might usually (since i could easily see her). my mom and i talked about her, about how i mother her... about challenges, fears, hopes. my mother and i have our differences when it comes to parenting, but she did encourage me to continue doing what i am doing, or trying to do... allowing chloe to experience as much as she can and not rush her. 

chloe and my mom, eating peaches and playing with our cloth napkins... they enjoy each other very much.

this doesn't mean that chloe runs the show, but it does mean that i allow time for her to poke around, observe, and discover. it means me living at a slower pace most times. sometimes it means i don't get to check everything off my list that day, and there is nothing wrong with that. sometimes it means making a game out of doing something that is hard, like waiting. sometimes it means telling a story or finding an activity as we transition from doing one thing to another. sometimes i means giving her a little bit of space and some time to look at something that has caught her eye. i guess it all comes down to patience. waiting. the same thing i am trying to teach her. not just how to wait, but how to do it with some grace. being patient as she learns, being patient as she develops... waiting and hoping that what i am doing will be the best thing for her.


so, it all started with browsing pinterest. i came across this amazing white chocolate almond cream cake, and i knew i needed to make it. so scratch making pho... i decided i would have toast for dinner and cake for desert. i grabbed the few ingredients i needed while out at the market, pulled a chair up to the counter for chlo and we made a cake. 

or atleast we planned on cake... it seems that every cake pan has decided to rise up against me. the cakes bake, look perfect, and then as i am going to release them from the pans, the pans all say "EEEEEEFFFFFF YOUUUUUU!" and won't give me my cake. i employ all my knowledge and tricks and still cannot get the cake to come out without a fight. no matter how much i grease and flour those damn pans, this happens all the time. i recently threw out two pans because they were such a nuisance, but it seems their bad attitude was left behind and has influenced the rest of the group. i know it sounds silly, but tonight, three cake pans with a good track record all shot me the middle finger as i attempted to release the cake from their hold.

i used to work in a bakery at a higher-end grocery store. i didn't have any professional training, or schooling... the manager just thought i looked artsy and thought i might be good at it (this is not the only time i have been hired for a job because someone thought i looked artsy and thought i might be good at something i have never done before, which i find funny and weird... i have also been mistaken for a vegetarian, many times, although i often talk about my love of hot dogs). so, when i was left with a few crumbled up cakes that i had wrestled out of the pans, i soon remembered what we used to do with cake tops and cakes that just didn't seem to turn out quite well - cake parfaits.

this recipe is perfect for parfaits because of the use of a ganache and whipped topping. but let me tell you - make these babies small if you are going to attempt them. they are super rich and almost sickeningly sweet - they scream "DIAAABEEEEETUUUUSSS!". i could only eat about a third of what you see pictured there before i decided i had maxed-out my taste-buds. i attempted to share some with chloe. she took two tiny bites, proclaimed "mmmMMMmmm!", and then went back to playing with some spoons, pasta, and one of my pots. so maybe too sweet for her as well?

perhaps i will leave the sugar out of the whipped topping next time.


for cake:
1 boxed cake mix and any ingredients it may require
1 tablespoon almond extract

for cream:
1 cup heavy cream
8 oz marscapone cheese brought to room temperature
3/4 cup powdered sugar (like i said, i would leave it out.... but it's your pancreas friend).
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup slivered almonds

for ganache:
1-1/2 cups white chocolate chips
1 cup heavy cream

make the cake according to the directions on the box and add your almond extract. you could also make whatever type of white cake you like from scratch, or an almond cake of your choice from scratch. bake it according to the instructions.

for the cream mix together all ingredients in a mixer, or with a whisk. i like to use a cold metal bowl that i put in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and a whisk. there is something satisfying about hang-mixing heavy cream until it forms a nice whip. this cream combination mixes up pretty quickly.

for the ganache bring your heavy cream to a boil on the stove-top, being careful not to burn it. mind it, and once it boils remove it from the heat and add the white chocolate chips. stir, stir, stir until smooth, and then run through a strainer if necessary to remove any un-melted bit that might remain.

once your cake is cool you cut it in half to make layers.. then you layer the cake, ganache, and cream, in that order, topping with some leftover slivered almonds.

grab yourself some insulin and enjoy!

AROUND HERE : breaking some silence

this past week has been quiet around this little blog. i apologize - i did not mean to take an unannounced break, but it was nice, and perhaps even needed. i found myself at work most of the week, and when i was at home i was happy to soak up every minute with my two loves instead of looking at a computer screen. i also recently decided to disable my personal facebook (the one for this little blog is still active), and with doing so feel perhaps less of a need to check in on my computer throughout the day. this doesn't mean i haven't thought of blogging, that i haven't scribbled down thoughts and ideas to share, that i haven't hoarded some photos on my phone to compile into a insta-dump when the right moment hits... it feels nice to be sitting in bed, typing this right now.

but there is so much to write about and share... and i haven't really had a good amount of time, or sleep, to properly collect and organize my thoughts. i fear this little post might just be some tid-bits about life lately, just to get these ideas out there, and maybe ellaborate on them in the future...


christian and i have been spending time thinking about, talking about, and looking at what works best with parenting chloe. sometimes this has meant reading books and articles, sometimes this has meant listening to (or not listening to) advice given, and often this has meant just observing her and figuring out what makes her tick. in doing this we have discovered a few little things that make our family life run smoother, lessen the tantrums, and seem to be constructive for all of us. i'll share more this week.

i have been quilting, knitting, sketching, and working on some updates for my little shop... as well as thinking about new ways of marketing and getting my stuff out there... maybe participating in a fair in the future. wouldn't that be fun?

i am excited for fall, but enjoying these last little bits of summer. after working a full-time schedule this week i am happy to be off for the next week... i am thinking about peach picking, a beach trip, and many long walks with chlo. 

and as a side note: thank you to anyone who follows me on instagram who has left an encouraging word, or even double-clicked on my photos that show me or my family in some of our less than perfect moments (i had a moment while at work this weekend, and may have posted a less than flattering selfie, captioned with some perhaps *slightly* dramatic words). having a place to share the not-so-great stuff is just as important as sharing the lovely moments, and i love having a little outlet to share and interact with others. it is a really sweet little community. thank-you again friends.

after chlo has gone to bed, the husband and i have watched a couple good movies this past week: stoker (a british-american thriller, both visually stunning and more than adequately gorey), and side effects (an excellent psychological thriller staring rooney mara and jude law) are two i would recommend if you are feeling in the mood for some serious dramas.

and well, rooney mara in side effects has me thinking about snipping myself some bangs... after all, it is almost fall, right? and there is something about fall that always makes me think of snipping a bit of a fringe...

oh! and i gave chlo some bangs last week! it seemed she was always pushing her hair out of her face, and although it was adorable to watch her pudgy dimpley hand push the stray locks away from her eyes, i think bangs suit her quite well. i am a little excited to watch them grow as well.. i cut them a tiny bit short, and while she can totally pull off short bangs, i want to see what she looks like with brow-skimming ones.

religion and spirituality has been on my heart and mind lately. how i was brought up, my own spirituality, and what i would like to impart to my family and my daughter has been very present with me day to day recently.  i hope to write more about this and share it soon with you.

i ditched my traditional 12 cup coffee maker for a small ceramic coffee dripper, and i couldn't be happier. as i am the only regular coffee drinker in the house this little guy makes more sense, and better coffee, with less waste. don't worry though, if you come by with a crowd i can dig the big boy back out in a hot minute.

my belly has been craving some pho! there is an excellent place nearby - a little hole-in-the-wall with picnic tables that serves nothing but pho. but i fear it is not entirely toddler friendly (big steamy bowls of hot broth + rambunctious toddler = a mama that cannot relax and enjoy her lunch). so i am going to be collecting ingredients and attempting to make a batch this week. anyone have any suggestions or recipes for a first time pho maker?

yes, i am feeling pretty good about this week already. let's make it a good one friends.


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"
i caught her flirting with a young man while we shared french fries and a shake at sonic tonight... oh boy.

favorites from this week:

atticus tumbling on top of the sofa cushions - our sofa cushions and blankets never stay put either! these two boys, painting and painted - such a colorful and thoughtful pair of portraits.

joining in with sweet jodi.



watering the flowers and splashing in the the puddles left over from the water.

admiring our little flower garden.

running on the treadmill in the garage while chloe napped.

snuggling in bed after not-napping.

taking selfies of ourselves in our comfiest of comfy clothes... for some reason i swear they show a more accurate representation than just looking at a mirror reflection.

playing a bit of hide and go seek.

not pictured:

eating lucky charms for breakfast, and lunch.

many living room dance sessions which included two tambourines and a hell of a lot of laughing.

finishing up a quilt while catching myself up on the first half of the last season of breaking bad. i swore i wouldn't watch it since i got so wrapped up in the first four seasons,  and felt closure at the end of the fourth... but the critics reviews and all the hype took hold of me!

many cups of tea, and some morning coffee.

perusing cake and cookie baking books together.

not baking any cakes, and finally purchasing a swimsuit - we are planning our first beach trip with chlo!

hope you and yours had a lovely sunday.


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"
taking a break from dancing with her tambourine to contemplate...

favorites this week: lamb wearing her mama's wedding veil - such a beautiful glow on her sweet profile, the fresh faces on oliver and zoe - such simple but stunning portraits.

joining in with sweet jodi.


after dreaming, reading, researching, and a good deal of sketching, i decided to put aside some projects that i had been dabbling with, and make a quilt to list in my shop. i made my first quilt last year, and a very simple hand-stitched summer quilt earlier this summer, but had wanted to make a crib sized quilt in a more challenging design. at the same time i have been trying to expand my little shop to include more items for little ones. 

last year i found myself obsessed with a flying geese quilt that anthropologie was selling. i really liked the idea of making a baby or child quilt using a muted palette and edge-y-ish design. something that wouldn't look too baby-ish, but still fun.  something that could be put in a crib, used for tummy time, hung on a wall, and used as a lap quilt... something that could be loved and cherished,and then passed on and loved more.

i found myself excited about this quilt, working long into the night and during chloe's naptime. i love when i get so excited about something i am working on that i loose track of the hours. when i finished the first, i got started on a second. now i am already sketching for a third. i plan to ride this wave of motivation as far as i can. i hope to have both quilts finished, better photographed, and in my little esty shop by next week.  

did you have a favorite quilt or blanket when you were little? was is passed on to you by someone else? or have you passed the blanket or quilt you loved onto someone else to love?

AROUND HERE : nature walking

have i ever mentioned how we live pretty close to some amazing parks? well, we do. quite a few in fact. this past weekend i took chloe out to explore one of them. we threw on our sneakers, grabbed a ball, and hopped in the car. within a few minutes we were running through big grassy fields and exploring the  tree-lined trails. chlo was thrilled to run on the trails, talk to bugs and geese, and throw pebbles in the creek. we are going to need to explore more of these lovely parks... and maybe even try to convince her papa to take us camping before this summer is over.

anyone have any tips for camping with a toddler?


hey! it's world breastfeeding week, and i wouldn't be a good breastfeeder if i didn't say a word or two about the topic. a while back i wrote briefly about my experience breastfeeding chloe, as well as a bit about weaning her. chloe breastfed (or "ate boobs" as my four year old niece called it), until she was 15 months old and as she was ready, she gradually weaned herself.

there are many benefits to breastfeeding and there are a few inconveniences. i have friends and family on both sides of the spectrum as far as to what they decided was best for their family. it seems that those of us who do breastfeed can seem fanatical to others... perhaps even cultish, and those of us who don't for whatever reason, fear being judged as selfish or unwilling by our lactating peers. friends, this makes me sad. we should be supporting one another in child-rearing, not raising our eyebrows at eachother's parenting decisions. i like to take the same thinking towards my peers that i do with my patients as a nurse: i will support and help you with whatever you choose to do. naturally, because i breastfed chlo, i am familiar with it, and am more than happy to encourage and offer whatever i can when it comes to "feeding with boobs".... eh that might not of sounded right, but i will keep it because it made me laugh when i re-read it. anyway, my advice here is for those who breast-feed, or plan to, just because it is what i am familiar with, and yeah, it is world breastfeeding week! (doh!)

i recently was talking to someone who had just had a baby a few weeks prior... i forgot how hard those first couple weeks are. the sleep deprivation, the soreness, the constant feeding, the exhaustion. all those things, along with the fear of having your first post-patrum bowel movement... (yes friends, i went there... we have entered poop talk), well, it can be a very rough first couple weeks taking care of that brand new babe, and allowing yourself to heal and perhaps rest when you can. but somehow, when i think about having a new baby, i forget all those things, as i believe that many of us do. we choose to forget all the hardships and just remember those blissful days newborn days. i think it is a little unfair that we are so prepared for birth to be painful and torturous, but ill-prepared for the first wild weeks of new-motherhood that await us. nobody likes to talk about sore boobs, engorgement, the stress associated with making enough milk, newborn weight gain, waking up in the middle of the night, and feeling just a tad resentful of your sleeping partner in bed next to you, as you struggle to get a single hour of uninterrupted sleep at a time. 

for most of us, those nice feeding schedules take a couple weeks to figure out, the latch is not perfected by the time we leave the hospital, and that baby weight doesn't always melt away. those of you who want to breastfeed - those first couple weeks are painfully hard, and can be a little scary at times. the best thing you can do for yourself is surround yourself with supportive friends who have been through it already, family members who have breastfed, and don't be afraid to go to the pros (la leche leage is one of my faves). yes, surround yourself with those fanatical and die-hard breast-feeders. many of them are so die-hard that they are more than willing to take the time to offer encouragement, and help you learn the ropes. i am available for e-mails.

now, it gets easier. a whole lot easier. eventually you figure out your groove, you get on a schedule, and you become very confident in your breastfeeding abilities. you discover how to discretely feed in public, or just stop caring as much about who might see your breasts. i jest, but really it can be difficult to remember that the rest of our society does not view your breasts as a way to feed your babe. you learn what foods work best for the both of you, take pride in the chubbiness of your babe (mine was especially chubby), and you become even a bit euphoric about the whole experience. i can remember many afternoon naps on my bed with chloe cuddled up next to me after she had eaten, and those might be some of my favorite memories from her infant days. it gets easier and becomes just about second nature. it was lovely.

so, if you are thinking about breastfeeding, be prepared and surround yourself with supportive people, if you have breastfed your child, support your fellow mamas, and regardless of how we feed our children, let's be good to one another and not let such things divide us.

so, any of you who breastfed, what was the most helpful advice you received?


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

she allowed me to wash her hair without a fight, in exchange for some ridiculous sponge bob candy.

totally worth it.

favorites this week: judah playing outside with his papa's trains, and eloise swiming in the bathtub with her mama.

joining in with jodi.


i was going through my phone and realized that i have a sweet little collection of photos taken of these two hanging out in our bedroom. our bedroom tends to be our meeting space, a relaxing space, a play space, a regrouping area where we all come to greet whoever has just come home from work, or to all snuggle up in bed and watch some "miser fox" at the end of a busy week (fantastic mister fox, that is). looking at these photos i gained a new appreciation for this little blue bedroom. it is not big or fancy, or even decorated quite to my taste... but it is the calmest room in the house, and the room where i find that peaceful spot with these two.

that last photo was taken this morning before the hubs left for a big interview... he was nervous and busy, but never to busy to steal a dance with chlo.

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