i am not really one to do outfit posts, but today after coming home from our walk i asked christian to snap a photo of me and my babe. i took a look at the photos he managed to get while chlo was still, and remembered my promise to myself, to chlo, and to any future children and granchildren, to take and share more photos that include me. then i decided i would share it here as well.  so, this is what we look like, and how we dress most days... wet pig-tails, a half-eaten apple, and all.  so fancy!

i am wearing: sunglasses from target, thrifted liz claiborne top, thrifted skirt, and sandals from lotta of stockholm.

chloe is wearing: shirt from target (thanks mom-mom!), a skirt made by me, and a pair of saltwater sandals.

summer days like these make me feel downright euphoric! chlo and i take walks in the morning, play in the sprinkler out back, look for bugs, and eat summer fruits all day long. hope you are enjoying them too!


  1. two beautiful demoiselles :)
    love your sandals

    1. thanks dear! i love these sandals too - great for walking, but a bit of a heel to help out my short-girlness :)


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