"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

taking a break from playing in the sprinkler to watch some mr. roger's neighborhood on my computer.

 this week:

i am finding olive's untrimmed fringe quite cute (chloe won't let me cut her hair either!).

i adore this sweet summer photo of logan - there is something about summer and childhood that just goes hand-in-hand.

i was captivated by the look in poet's eyes.

linking up with jodi.


  1. she's too cute - love those tiny little hunter boots!

    1. thank you! her and her boots are kind of inseparable, but they are so easy for her to put on herself that i don't mind one bit!

  2. COOLEST wellie boots and swimming costume! Girl's got style ;) Also, might you be the bravest lady alive putting a laptop so near to water!? (Perhaps I'm just too attached to mine).

    Flora x

    1. thanks flora! she loves her boots and hates the feel of the holly leaves that get scattered in our yard - so the boots work well.

      come to think about it, i might be a bit silly for keeping my laptop so close by! i am sure there will come a day that i will regret it!


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