thinking about more babies...


chicago hot dogs from sonic, eaten in the car with chloe, while we listen to oldies on the radio.

listening to chloe talk to bugs.... "hey-low bug! hey-low! you walk? go ou-side?"

long sweaty summer walks.

discovering that your workshop/attic gets hot enough to make a perfect place to practice hot yoga.

babies.... i am thinking more babies would be fun.

not fun:

things that go "bump" during the wee hours of the night, when the husband is at work.

bug bites on your baby's soft skin.

listening/watching/talking about the news lately.

gross northeastern humidity!

working triage during insanely busy nights... nobody likes waiting, and nomatter how nice, concerned, or reassuring you are, everyone waiting seems to think you are the triage troll that is keeping them from getting into an ER bed.


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