i have been busy at work, in the attic after the rest of the house is asleep, making some new bow ties! head on over to the from lebo with love shop to take a look at them, and other handmade goodies. i will be adding bow ties for the little ones soon as well. because what is cuter than a little guy or gal wearing a bow tie? (i believe that ties aren't only for the guys!). also, i am always interested in taking custom orders for dolls, accessories, and even clothing!

so keep your eye out for more sweet things coming soon to from lebo with love, and thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for all your support!

p.s. - thank you for all your encouragement, kind words, and for sharing with me in response to my last post. i am grateful for all the love, support, and sweetness sent my way. i appreciate it more than words can say. i know that leaving comments on a blog, or sending an e-mail to someone you have never quite met might not be at the top of your priorities, and that everyone has busy lives, but thank you for taking the time to be so incredibly kind and thoughtful. thank-you. xoxoxo


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    1. thanks! the blue one is one of my personal faves - it has a really great weight to it as well :)


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