WHAT INSPIRES ME: chloe dancing

i was in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher and making something for lunch. she had already eaten her lunch and was playing with puzzles, reading books to her dog, and listening to the black keys station i had playing on pandora. florence and the machine's, "dog days are over" started playing. out of the corner of my eye, i caught her eyeing up my iphone connected to it's docking station in the living room. i asked "do you like this song chlo?" and walked into the living room. she kind of stooped down and was just listening...

then once it hit the chorus, she needed to dance. and when she dances she runs. so appropriate for this song... she runs with heavy, stompy, feet and a huge smile on her face. she only dances to songs she likes - and i like that about her. her dancing is a sincere enjoyment for the way music makes her feel. i needed to snap a photo. i had all the blinds down and i haven't invested in a 50mm lens yet.... so the quality is a little poor... but i needed this photo.

while she was dancing i decided i would move to the other end of the room and get a shade open, hoping it would give me more light... let me dial down my ISO, let me increase my shutter speed... blah, blah, blah... and then i got this photo. it might be one of my favorites that i have of chloe and me. it illustrates us pretty well... she is doing what she loves (and loving it!), and i am loving watching her do it.

this kid inspires me.


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