it seems like every summer i say the same thing... this is going to be my favorite summer. well, i think that THIS one is definitely my favorite, favorite one. it has been full of long days outside, thunderstorms, picnic dinners in the back yard up of nothing but steamed vegetables and tons of watermelon, nights out on the porch... and somewhere during all these days that we have had my baby has been morphing into a full-fledged girl. a girl who sleeps in, gets up from what should have been a nap, to ask "we take a walk? we walk to park?". a girl who know what she wants for breakfast, who will attempt to purchase her own snack at the grocery store, set her own plate and cup on the table, and who knows how to swat flies like a pro. she loves bugs, cake, and carnival rides, and suddenly hates vacuum-cleaners, goats, and foreign restrooms.

i am having so much fun with her. can i say it again? i am really, really having so much fun being her mama. before i make you roll your eyes though, i will have you know that she is not what most would consider an easy child. she is pretty very  mischievous, she is very spirited, she is full of energy, and curiosity, and many of tantrums. she cuddles and snuggles rarely, and is often too busy doing whatever she has her mind set on, to cooperate with answering silly questions i might ask her ("what's your name?" or "how old are you?"). however, i have been very fortunate to be able to spend so much time with her, to watch her learn, to get to know what makes her tick (only for it to change a week later), to hear her speak to other kids at the park ("hi, i'm chloe"). i consider myself a damn lucky woman.

one day this first-born of mine will become a teenager and want to spend her summer's as much out of my sight as possible. she will say that i don't understand her and think she is a stranger to me... she will have no idea how closely i have watched her for so many years... and when she tells me that i don't understand her... i know my heart will break a tiny bit, and i will laugh my ass off.

good for me there are still many more summers before that one... and this one is one i plan to remember for a long time.

oh, lucky lucky me!


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