"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

tonight marks night 5 of sleeping without a "binky". i had tried to get her to give them up by herself, but she didn't want to, and i felt like i should have gotten rid of them a while back. i packed them up one afternoon and while she did ask for one a few times at first, she doesn't seem to miss them anymore. she talks more before falling asleep now, and i listen to her on the monitor. she usually is running through the animals she knows, and the sounds they make... or "reading" a book that she has pulled into bed from her bookshelf. while putting her to bed tonight she was holding her feet to her face... smelling them, talking on them as though they were phones... the more i cringed and exclaimed "ewwww!!! stinky, stinky, feet!", the more she laughed and carried on. 

she is getting so big. but she is still my baby.


  1. Oh you're so lucky that she falls asleep alone... I have to lye in bed with her til she's sleeping, my breast is her binky.


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