just a few from my instagram feed to give you an idea of what our day to day looks like... it's pretty much all about sunshine and yummy things. tonight i had a philadelphia brewing company newbold ipa. i really wanted their rowhouse red... i am a bit partial to amber beers, and it's one of my faves.
i feel that PBC's beers are a bit hit or miss.. i love the rowhouse red, like the newbold ipa, and the joe coffee porter is a pretty good if you are having a beer with brunch foods. the walt wit (a witbeir) tastes like corn to me, and the kenzinger made me wish i was drinking a PBR....
i might have a pint once or twice a month, but when i do, i want a good one. i also used to bar-tend at a brew pub, so i had a chance to try quite a bit of beer and develop an appreciation for it. to this day a good beer is one of my favorite treats.


  1. i'm happy to have stumbled upon your blog, it's gorgeous :)


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