HEALTHISH : gazpacho, or "make da soup"

if you read my post the other day, or follow me on instagram, you may have heard that i am doing the whole30 thing. what that means is for 30 days i am not eating any added sugars, cutting out all dairy (other than ghee.. a funky name for clarified butter), and not eating any grains either. all this has meant coffee without half&half, no yogurt, less snacking,... bleh.

but it also means that i am feeling a bit better physically, even after a week. i feel healthy, not tired or sluggish, and surprisingly, after a week in, i am not really having any cravings for candy, cookies, or even ice cream (and i always have room in my life for ice cream). when this 30 day thing is over i will most likely start eating some grains, and yogurt again... but hope to cut back on the sweets. i have gotten used to drinking my coffee black, so i will probably continue to. overall i feel as though this change in diet has been good for me.

but sometimes i feel bored doing this. i don't just eat for nourishment, i really enjoy eating good stuff. last night i couldn't figure out what to make, wasn't really hungry and just wound up making a banana smoothie and snacking on some nuts. it wasn't the healthiest meal ever, but much healthier than cake for dinner... not that i would ever eat a slice or two of a delicious cake for dinner though... never ever. ;)

i have 21 more days to go, and was a little afraid of being bored already... but then i came across this recipe on pinterest. i actually hit my forehead when i saw it. i love gazpacho! it is the perfect summer food! crisp, fresh, garden-ey, and it doesn't require you turn on the stove. why hadn't i thought about it before? it works wonderfully with this diet and i can keep it in the fridge to eat along with whatever or as a quick meal.

so i went out this morning with chlo and we picked up all the ingredients. on the way home, as she sat in her car-seat eating an apple (we cannot go to the grocery store without me buying her an apple. it has become an unspoken rule of grocery shopping), i told her i was going to make a soup and asked her if she would help me. she was all down for the idea of making soup with me. sitting in her seat saying "make da soup, make da soup", until she got home and just wanted to lie on the sofa and share her apple with the horses.

so i made soup by myself. i just about followed this recipe, from the kitchy kitchen, to the T. i left out the japanese cucumbers because the grocery store didn't have them, and just added a whole cucumber instead. the worcestershire sause and sriracha both have small amounts of sugar in them, so i guess i am technically cheating, but you use such small amounts, and they really do add tons of flavor, so i kept them. if you are doing the whole30 thing and don't want to add them i am sure you can leave them out.. and maybe just add a chopped chili, or some chili powder. this recipe is snappy and sweet due to the mango. it was easy, cheap to make, and the recipe makes plenty for me to enjoy until i find something else that strikes my fancy.

^^^ please know i only garnish my soup for your viewing pleasure ^^^

have you ever done whole30 or made a change in your diet that just made you feel really good? do you have any grain, sugar, and dairy free recipes to share? please let me know!


  1. Mmm, that looks delicious! I love gazpacho in the summer. It's the only food I've eaten that makes me think "that's refreshing!" So perfect for this weather. xo


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