from the afternoon, where i sat with sad puppy dog eyes, and watched chloe devour the strawberry cream muffin i bought her.


watermelon - for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

taking care of my tiny flower garden as chloe stomps through it.


snap peas.

making the perfect summer night video with instagram... featuring chloe's first reaction to a firefly (!!!!!)

not fun: 

waking up early. like butt-crack of dawn early... err-hem, chloe.

swimsuit shopping. it's like picking out underwear to wear in front of everyone.

working out. really. it's not fun. i do it and it makes me feel good. i like the end result, but not so much the process. i don't get the hype.

not eating ice cream. i gave it up for thirty days... along with all grains, all added sugars, dairy, and soy. i think i might be crazy. good thing i have plenty of watermelon.

instagram eating your perfect summer night video. damn you instagram!

hope you are having fun!


  1. I love this post. It shows BOTH sides of the story that the blogging world doesn't always share. Instagram ate one of my videos, too!

    I hate bathing suit shopping, too.

    Amanda Rose

    1. Thanks Amanda! it can't always be fun, right?


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