cherries and unibroue's la fin du monde, a delicious tripel

easy breezy summer clothes.

long morning walks with chlo, that include visiting at least two parks.

philly beer week.

listening to audiobooks in the car, while working out, while doing anything (i just got finished listening to "where'd you go bernadette" by maria semple and it was sooo gooood).

when your husband brings you home a wendy's frosty cone, for you to eat in the back yard while your toddler eats dinner at the table.

not fun:

working nightshift... it seems i just can't hang anymore.

cutting out sewing patterns.

not being able to actually go to any bars during philly beer week.

jillian. michaels. thirty. day. shred. uggghh.

turning thirty.

i need to admit right now, the scale seems to be tipping towards fun.

unfortunately i won't be able to make it out for philly beer week, so i decided i am going to treat myself to a beer a night. i will be writting a bit about my locally brewed favorites this week and sharing them with you. tonight's brew is not from the philadelphia area (but it is sooo good).

do you have a favorite beer?


  1. I dont like beers but my husband does. Here in Belgium Orval is known as one of the best!
    Dont worry about being 30!!!! Im 31 and thats even better than in the 20s... I just miss music festivals!
    Morning walks sound great...


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