quite a while ago i was reading this graphic novel (it is quite good!), and found myself inspired by the colors and trees in the cover. i loved everything about it: the simplicity of it, the blue and white combination being both soft - but still graphic looking, the trees. i then found this amazing fabric at joann's of all places, and knew i needed to make myself a dress with it (unfortunately they no longer carry this fabric). 

i love this dress. it is perfect dressed up with wedges for a night out, but still simple enough to wear with some sandals on a hot summer day. it's comfortable, and fits me to a T. i have worn it every summer for over five years now and it still looks as fresh as the day i made it. i even spilled red wine on it once, and it came out so easily - you cannot even tell. also, every time i look at it i think of this novel, and sewing this dress in my little apartment, and i love it even more.

now chloe pulls this novel off the shelves and looks at the photos (she thinks the author looks like my husband, and likes to claim he is her daddy. my husband likes to let her pretend he wrote a book). i daydream about the day i will pass this dress onto her... and hope she will like handmade clothes as much as i do.

what inspires you?


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