yesterday was payday. another student loan was paid off. chloe behaved extremely well while i ran all the boring errands. i bought her a couple books, myself a magazine, a cup of coffee, and then we walked to the party store and bought some balloons. simple little luxuries. a little splurge. it has been forever since i bought a magazine. chloe walked around with those balloons for the rest of the day. 

we went to visit her nannie, and then headed home. she napped. i cleaned and worked out. she woke up, had her snack, and then wanted to play and snuggle on my bed. we watched fantastic mister fox. it felt very rich and luxurious to just watch her, snuggle her, and do nothing else.

i am in love with this kid, her wildness, and how we share a love for balloons. in love with this home, which is becoming worn in like a good pair of boots. in love with that bed, below the windows, in the dark blue room. in love with her eyes and wild hair. in love with my husband and his silly smile. in love with our family.


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