so, i have heard it asked, a few times, "what about christian? that man you are married to..." i hardly ever share photographs of him or make very much mention of him on this little blog...

well, friends, this is because, one - he likes his privacy, and i must honor that. two - this blog is my little space, my project. yes, i write about family on here, but for the most part this is my own little blog where i share from my own experiences, thoughts, and feelings. while he may make an appearance here of there, he honors my privacy as well and likes to give me space. he also likes to act as though he doesn't read my blog, and i like to pretend that i don't know that he does...

but today i am going to talk about him. this is a whole post dedicated to my husband. the man i am spending every day with. my partner in child-rearing and life-living. he is very kind and thoughtful, but one of the things i like most about him is how much his very existence entertains me.

this may sound selfish, but sometimes i feel that he exists just to make me laugh. that his ability to make me laugh was reason enough to commit to spending the rest of my life with him. when i started dating after my divorce i wasn't quite sure how to go about the whole thing. it is a very weird world, with some very weird people out there. now, many people that i met during my dating adventures were interesting, but none of them were able to make me laugh as much as christian. he was always entertaining me, even when he didn't mean to.

he still keeps me entertained. i wouldn't ever tell you that we have a "perfect" marriage. we fight. we each have little ongoing disagreements which are yet to be resolved (if they ever do resolve, that is). i like to think that christian is kind of a grumpy old man on the surface. he isn't old, but he wears a grumpy old man face while maintaining a sweetness and kindness found in very few men. he is extremely thoughtful... and is most times thinking more about you then you ever are of him, he just doesn't want to advertise it, ya know? so he wears grumpy old man face to throw you off.

recently i had two little exchanges with him that i decided i would need to share, to let you know a little more about this grumpy old man that i adore. to be fair, i told him i was going to talk about him. he didn't agree to this, but he didn't disagree either. following are two stories which illustrate the personality of this very entertaining man.

so story one:

a few nights ago we were crawling into bed together. before bed, i had enjoyed a good beer and some cherries. i was in shall we say, good spirits, while he had been cramming for an important exam he is taking this next weekend. i was all giggles and jokes, and not doing a very good job of winding down. he kept pulling the covers over his head and telling me to go to bed. i would try to muffle my laughter at his "old man-ness", but i would end up laughing out loud into a pillow as to not wake up chloe in the next room. he reminded me, firmly, that he had to get up  for work in the morning - in less than six hours. i figured i better try to calm down and go to sleep, but so many things just seemed so funny at that hour... and him just being him, and not even cracking a smile at my silliest of jokes only made me laugh more. however, finally i decided enough was enough. i told him, "okay, i am going to go to sleep. goodnight. i love you." 

"good. love you too"

"okay, now kiss me"

he kissed my forehead.

"and now kiss mer-jesus" as i held my stuffed, bearded, tattooed, merman close to his face (a gift from him a couple christmases ago).

and without hesitation, he kissed the mer-jesus.

i busted out laughing all over again, and exclaimed, "you actually kissed the mer-jesus!!!", as though i was in middle-school.

i guess i just wasn't expecting him to do it.... but that man, always entertaining me... he had bit the bait.

story two:

last night i was grumpy. he had been studying again, and i was doing all the nonsense that i do after chloe is put to bed and the house is tidy. i was bored and grumpy, and decided i should go to bed. i headed upstairs and then thought to myself: chocolate. i wanted - no, i needed chocolate. i went to the kitchen. and you know what? no chocolate. no chocolate chips. no hot chocolate. none. nada. i audibly whined... "awww. i want chocolate." and announced that i was going to run to the wawa for some rolos. he told me to just go to bed. he was locking the doors, and now he looked grumpy and ready for bed. i told him i would just run down the street and grab some rolos for us to share. he doesn't care about chocolate as much as i do.  he was insistent that i wasn't going to wawa so late. he firmly stated that he wanted to go to bed, and couldn't sleep if he was worrying about me.

i told him he was ruining my life. he told me to go to bed.

i pouted up to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. washed my face. and then remembered i needed a glass of water. i walked out of the bathroom and christian wasn't in our room... he wasn't downstairs and his car wasn't outside... that man had gone to buy me rolllll-ooooos!

i was so giddy, not only because i was getting rolos, but because he had gone out to get them for me when he really didn't want to. he loves me. 

and when he got home, i gushed about how wonderful he is, and how lucky i am... and then "oh, stand right there and let me take this photo... it'll be perfect!"...

my husband in a pond's jar. 

christian is the sweetest, kindest man to ever pretend to be a gumpy old man ever... and he is mine.


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