chloe and i, last year on mother's day

tomorrow is mother's day. it's happening in less than 24 hours. so if you didn't take the time to order your mom, your baby-mom, your wife, your sister, your friend, something special - well, you can't. you may need to settle for whatever card you can find at the drug store. this is always a trying experience for me - nothing seems to say what i want it to, ir the card is too flower-y, or not so flowery, but says something like "i call you everyday and wouldn't have it any other way". this just is not the relationship i have with my mom. do you know of any company that makes mother's day cards that say "happy mother's day. i love you. i am not your best child, but we get along okay"...

however, if you want to avoid the whole last minute card grappling, you could check out these lovely diys that i found this week:

breakfast in bed is always appreciated (especially if you clean up the kitchen afterwards!) these sweet breakfast printables from studio DIY are so pretty and would make those pancakes look extra pretty.

moms love flowers, and good thing is that they are all over the place right now. even if you don't have any growing in your own yard, you can pick up some from the local grocery or produce shop (my little produce shop is da bomb for finding cheap and beautiful flowers by the bunches). check out this bouquet diy from paper & stitch, or this sweet floral bangle diy from lovely indeed.

but maybe your mom is more of a potted plant lady (mine is!). so go out and get her a pretty plant and make her a planter. check out this excellent post from rachel at smile and wave. i love the idea of using an old coffee tin to make a pretty planter, and i think my mom would really love it too.

while i was looking at all these pretty diys i was thinking about what i want for mother's day, and found myself laughing at the thought of my husband printing out little banners, or making a a floral bangle. yeah, my husband is very sweet, but it's not going to happen ;) that's a-okay, i just want to sleep in. and maybe eat some pancakes that i didn't make myself.

so, even if it is last minute, do something nice for your mama. make her a card or a macaroni portrait. call her and tell her you love her. let her sleep in, or take an afternoon nap. give her a break. she deserves it.

happy mother's day to all you mothers. thank you for all you do every day. your job is one of the most important, and it is certainly not easy. thank you.


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